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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Too Stupid to Win

From Minneapolis Rumors:

Posted 07 Nov 2006 00:44 by Peter Vevang

I sign up for GOP emails on my spam account just to see what they are saying sometimes (I would never give those jokers my good email). Anyway they conveniently decided to send me directions to my polling place, twice, with a nice map outlining my most direct route. Their information was wrong. I live on the border of my precinct, and somehow the program they used is spitting out the wrong information, perhaps because the other side of the street is the next precinct. I live in Ward 1 - Precinct 5, they seem to believe that I live in W1-P4. Some Republicans may get to the polls tommorrow only to find they are at the wrong polling station. They later sent an email saying their info might be wrong, but still, who will check through that many emails to read that.

The GOP is doing voter suppresion on itself. This really cracks me up.