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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Upcoming Circus

The Republican State Central Committee will be meeting on December 9. Andy Aplikowski is calling for a mutiny to turn out Chair Ron Carey.

So I am calling for the State Central Committee to remove Ron Carey. He was the chair who presided over the decimation of our party this last election. He mitigated our defeat instead of fighting for victory. He didn’t help out candidates statewide and in Congressional Districts. The help given to the lucky chosen ones, did more harm than good as far as I am concerned.

Just what the heck did the Republican Party stand for last election?

Turn out was dismal in Minnesota, and it is becoming clear that many loyal demographics and moderates either stayed home or voted FOR DFLers. Sure the national sentiment was bad because of what Republicans were doing in DC, but the same was true for Republicans in St. Paul.

Since the state party, lead by Carey, had allowed the elected officials to stray from our values (principles if you like) the voters no longer saw what Republicans as a whole were really for. The DFL played the GOP like a fiddle. All the state party had left to muster as a message was: We’re not as bad as them. That won’t win elections. Especially so many statewide races and with the entire state legislature up for election. We needed the state party leader to lead, instead he followed, just like his predecessor.

Therefore I am recommending the State Central Committee to use this portion of our Constitution and By Laws.

Article IX; Section 3; Part B;

3. Any state party officer may be removed by a two-thirds vote of those present at any meeting of the State Central Committee.

4. In the event of a vacancy in the office of state chair, the deputy chair shall carry out the duties of the chair until a new state chair is elected and the State Central Committee shall meet within thirty (30) days thereafter to elect a new state chair. In the event of a vacancy in the office of deputy chair or secretary-treasurer, the state chair may appoint an acting deputy chair or secretary-treasurer subject to ratification by the State Executive Committee within thirty days after the appointment, to carry out the duties of the vacant office until a new officer is elected. The State Central Committee shall elect a new deputy chair or secretary-treasurer at its next regularly scheduled meeting or, if such meeting is scheduled within thirty days after the vacancy occurs, at the second regularly scheduled meeting after the vacancy occurs.

Now I have heard that there will be an attempt by leadership to block new business from the floor. They can't do that, unless they drafted some pretty sneaky rules. Chances are they won't let them be seen by anyone who is not loyal until moments before they are adopted. If you are a Delegate or Alternate, be prepared to fight for your party. Don't let them swindle you into thinking they did all tehy could, and they’ll do better next time.

It is time for real leadership in our party. I feel we need someone else to lead this party if we are to change the course from mitigating defeats to majority status. Yes our state party chair shouldn't believe that this state is a 60-40 DFL - GOP state. If our own leaders don't believe, how the heck can they lead us back to victory? As I have said before, I have no one in mind, I just know that what we have now is not going to work. There is too much personal ambition from some, and too much followship from others. This party should be lead by someone who isn't trying to use it for their own goals.

Aplikowski made Bloghouse:

Just two days after the election, Andy Aplikowski declared war on the Minnesota Republican Party.

What makes this surprising is that Aplikowski -- who blogs at Residual Forces (1) and was one of the bloggers at Kennedy vs. the Machine (2) -- is a member of the GOP. In fact, not just a member but the chairman of the Senate District 51 Republican Party. But, in assessing the wreckage left in the wake of the midterm election, he poured his heart out at Residual Forces. He has a very bleak assessment of future of the party in Minnesota.

"[The party] is broken, and if we don't completely change the way it works and who is running it, we're never going to win another election in this state let alone the country. ... The state party picks and chooses who they want to support too, and the [losses] by [Senate candidate Mark] Kennedy, [Attorney General candidate Jeff] Johnson, [Secretary of State Mary] Kiffmeyer, and [State Auditor Pat] Anderson are all owed to the state party in my mind."

It wasn't a one-day rant for Aplikowski. He has continued to beat the drum. And in his cross hairs is Ron Carey, the state party chair. In a later post, he declared, "We hitched our, check that, Ron Carey hitched our wagon to [Gov. Tim] Pawlenty. He, as he just said before, decided Johnson, Kiffmeyer, and Anderson couldn't win. He focused everything on Pawlenty. The very same Pawlenty who has abandoned more Republican values than you might care to remember. ... From trying to redefine Republican conservatism to handpicking which candidates will win, yes, dare I say king or queenmaking, Ron Carey blew it. The buck has to stop somewhere."

If those sentiments are shared by many in the Republican Party, it could mean a split between the leadership and the faithful.

Some bloggers have already taken notice and signed on to Aplikowski's crusade. "[L]et's get to the fisticuffs, slap each other silly for a few weeks and then emerge with a plan that reflects conservative ideals," wrote Hammerswing75 (3). "I can already feel a bad vibe growing that 'moderation' is grabbing the reins before we've had our healthy brawl. Not a good idea. If the electorate didn't like Republican Lite they aren't going to like Republican Lite -- Now Without Spine!"

I talked to another BPOU leader in the 6th District - and there is talk that Phil Krinkie might be open to being drafted to run for party chair.