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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Upcoming Circus

should be like the narcicistic "where did we go wrong" hearings held by the DFL after they lost big in 1998. When did Mike Erlandson start as DFL party chair?

Someone just commented that there is already a meeting in December to approve the budget for 2007. Now that would mean that this will be a great chance to see just where our party spent all that it raised.

Now we know we're going to see a line item for ads. Chances are it will show that millions were spent on them. I want to know how much was spent on what. So, just plan on bringing that with to this meeting, the "I'll check that and get back to you on it" line will not work this year. If anyone tries that, they will probably be ripped limb from limb by the delegates. We're kinda fed up with the secrecy and condescension of what we should and should not know.

I also want to see a complete breakdown of the salaries for Party officials. There was a lot of moving and shaking up of staff this last year. Who gets paid, and how much. You may remember a while back some problems with having 2 positions for doing the exact same duties. Carey created a position for Secretary/Treasurer Tony Sutton, when Ben Golnik was doing the same basic thing. That was corrected, but what else has been happening?

We deserve to know who is getting paid, and what for. The people who made those decisions had better be ready to stand by them. This is our party, not a personal playground for someone.

With that in mind, I'd like to point out this from our Constitution and By Laws.

State Party Administration;
Section 3: State Party Officers; item B. Elections, Terms and Removals

1. The party officers shall be elected at large by the State Central Committee in accordance with the bylaws or upon the occurrence of a vacancy, as provided in clause 4 below.

2. State party officers shall not serve more than four (4) consecutive full terms in the same office. Unless otherwise provided, each party officer shall serve a two year term in accordance with the procedures established in the bylaws.

3. Any state party officer may be removed by a two-thirds vote of those present at any meeting of the State Central Committee.

4. In the event of a vacancy in the office of state chair, the deputy chair shall carry out the duties of the chair until a new state chair is elected and the State Central Committee shall meet within thirty (30) days thereafter to elect a new state chair. In the event of a vacancy in the office of deputy chair or secretary-treasurer, the state chair may appoint an acting deputy chair or secretary-treasurer subject to ratification by the State Executive Committee within thirty days after the appointment, to carry out the duties of the vacant office until a new officer is elected. The State Central Committee shall elect a new deputy chair or secretary-treasurer at its next regularly scheduled meeting or, if such meeting is scheduled within thirty days after the vacancy occurs, at the second regularly scheduled meeting after the vacancy occurs.

So, we need to confirm if there really is a meeting scheduled for December. Then we need to see where we, the party, stand with Carey. Will enough people come forward to face the wrath that I am, or will everyone be too afraid to demand accountability from our party’s leaders? I am standing up and putting it all on the line to call for a change in leadership. I believe we were lead poorly in this election, and if we were to blame the 04 elections on Eibensteiner, why the heck wouldn't Carey be to blame for the complete and total breakdown of our party over the 2 years?

Look where we were, the number of seats. The issues we pushed and that we stood for. Now look at where we are. We're now on the outside looking in, and trying to get back to standing for what the base has always wanted. In my mind, the party chair is responsible for our decimation. He stood by and did nothing as our elected officials broke ranks with us. He defended many of them. He also played to favorites at the expense of some of the finest conservatives every to don the ballots. Ron Carey asked to lead us in this election. These were all decisions he did make. We were decimated. I do not think he deserves another chance, nor any more time to screw things up.

We also need to demand hard facts on just where all the money went. Ron Carey did send out another last minute fundraising bleg on the final weekend, so chances are they spent everything they had. We just want to know where it all went, so we can have a discussion of what worked, didn't, and make requests for where it should go, next time around. We that party should have some sort of input into where the money goes, shouldn't we? Or is that all a behind-closed-doors kinda of decision?

I also certainly hope that we are not paying for a large and expensive staff at the expense of of resources for candidates. Especially if it was at one time a position or positions that were volunteer.

So here I am, risking what little of a future I had in politics, to fix what I think is wrong with my party. Will you join me? Yes, I do realize that if I fail, I will never work volunteer in politics again. Heck, I'll be lucky to not have ads taken out attacking me before this is over. There is already a steady flow of people leaving comments here attacking me, some with common knowledge, others with things only CERTAIN people would know. That's fine, bring it.

I'm not the one responsible for the decimation of the Minnesota Republican party. I wasn't the one who threw it all away to hold onto a tiny handful of seats. The party targeted people out of vengeance and not in a tactical way. We spent TONS of money to beat Dean Johnson, but let champions of smaller government go down because the odds were too tough.

Well you let the odds get tough. Education Minnesota is the DFL. Wake up. Fight them. Don’t just sit there and try to figure out another way to say it was just a bad year for Republicans. You had a whole year before this election to explain why our ideas are better. You didn't do it. You did a fantastic job of turning quotes from DFLers into ads, but obviously that didn’t mobilize swing voters to us. People didn't know what the Republican party stood for.

OK, end rant.

Mark H and I are planning to go to this to cover this for Lloydletta readers. I'm not sure whether this is the first or second Saturday in December.