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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Waiting to see if Hell freezes over....

A couple of weeks ago I got a postcard from the state GOP party, wondering when and how I would be volunteering this week to help with GOTV efforts.

After pondering some (in)appropriate written responses, I decided instead to just throw the card away.

Tonight, November 1, less than 6 days before the polls (finally) open, I get a phone call from the state Republican party, asking the same question. I advised the caller that maybe Hell would freeze over first. I hung up the phone and refocused my attention on 'The Long, Long Trailer' on TCM, starring Lucy and Desi.

2006 was the first year in a long time when I haven't gone to a precinct caucus. Last spring, as I considered the likely candidates in the general election, it seemed to be intellectually dishonest of me to go to any party's caucus and pretend to agree that any one person or party was correct about everything.

If I'm getting calls and postcards from the state GOP party, they're working the bottom of the list to try and find volunteers, because I haven't given $ or shown interest in quite a while.

Go solicit the evangelical churches, folks. Meanwhile, I'll wait to see if Hell freezes over.