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Thursday, November 09, 2006

What HRC Did in Minnesota

They helped Democrats:

* HRC raised more than $125,000 for U.S. Senate candidate Amy Klobuchar and $20,000 for U.S. House candidate Patty Wetterling.
* HRC's Minnesota state political action committee spent $40,000 for key state legislative efforts, including the hiring of a GLBT organizer for America Votes.
* HRC contributed $60,000 — 20 percent of total cost — toward a summer door-to-door issue advocacy program of progressive coalition in key state legislative districts. One-third of the canvassers were GLBT. Through the canvassing, more than 6,000 fair-minded voters were identified.
* An HRC Youth College staff member was placed in the Patty Wetterling for U.S. House campaign for 11 weeks.
* In final week of the campaign, two HRC staff members mobilized the organization's members in support of U.S. Senate candidate Amy Klobuchar and U.S. House candidates Tim Walz and Patty Wetterling, as well as fair-minded state legislative candidates.
* The GLBT get-out-the-vote location on Election Day weekend had the most recruited volunteers of any location under America Votes.
* HRC's political action committee funded an independent expenditure campaign to contact voters by phone and mail in Congressional Districts 1 (the race between Tim Walz and Gil Gutknecht) and 6 (the race between Patty Wetterling and Michele Bachmann).

I doubt HRC's little help the fair minded candidates effort did anything to help Ray Cox, who voted against the Bachmann amendment in the house twice. Ray Cox was one of the house members who was defeated.

Joe Salmonese is making HRC into quite the partisan organization.