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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What's next for Ron Carey?

Net loss of one seat in US House representation
Two GOP incumbents won easily over not-so-great opponents
Bachmann kept a seat in the GOP column, beating somebody who is not a politician
The Governor barely won against a marginal DFL candidate

Mark Kennedy had his ass handed to him.

State constitutional offices - all DFL
Minnesota Senate - the DFL grew their majority
Minnesota House - the DFL took back the majority, and in a big way

The size of the Republican disaster in the Minnesota Legislature is the biggest surprise for me. The national and foreign policy issues really dominated this election season, so state races didn't get so much attention.

They can blame it all on anti-Bush, anti-war fervor, and that is certainly true to some extent. On the other hand, people like Ron Carey present unshakeable loyalty to the White House, so there you go.

My own theory is that in the past 12 years, Republicans at all levels have shown a lot of skill at winning elections, but they haven't done a good job at governing once they're in office. Maybe the general public finally put it together yesterday.