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Monday, November 06, 2006

Why is Hennepin County DFL Doing Nothing to Defeat Bush 2004 Chair and County Commissioner Mark Stenglein?

Check out this thread on the Minneapolis Issues List:
It's a legitimate question as to why the county DFL - and Nikki Carlson as Co-Chair of that, hasn't done more to take down Mark Stenglein - and also Rich Stanek - and to help the DFL endorsed candidates, Greg Gray and Juan Lopez. After all, that's the DFL unit that focuses on these races. Part of what the DFL should be doing is the opposition research, and scrutiny of the Stenglein and Stanek records. Both candidates have extremely troublesome records. Mark Stenglein has numerous questionable expenditures in his campaign finance reports, and leads one to ask whether he is converting campaign funds to personal use, and Rich Stanek's record in the police department is troubling.

One would think the DFL would be pointing out that Mark Stenglein was a Chair of Bush 2004 - something that is unpopular in his district - and an issue that hurt Randy Kelly in St Paul big time when he ran in 2005. They could be pointing out Mark Stenglein's anti-gay record.

Here's my question - what is the point of seeking DFL endorsement for a county commissioner race if the DFL doesn't do anything for their endorsed candidate? I see that Brian Melendez is having Juan Lopez materials delivered out of his house the last week before the election - but where has the county DFL been? The county DFL that is lead by Nikki Carlson.

I'm not going to speculate as to why that is.