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Friday, December 22, 2006

Another Idiotic Statement by Don Samuels

Doug Grow reports on the city council meeting discussing the Bonnie Bleskachek situation.

At Friday's council meeting, Council Member Don Samuels suggested that the city might need to devise new rules of behavior surrounding gay and lesbian people.

Other council members quickly responded to Samuels' suggestion.

"Lesbianism has nothing to do with the egregious behavior in this case," said Council Member Ralph Remington.

Remington's right. Abuse is abuse, regardless of sexual orientation.

The behavior of the now-former chief might have even caused future mayors to pause before promoting someone within the ranks to a post such as fire or police chief.

Had Bleskachek been hired from outside the Minneapolis Fire Department, she would have been easier to get rid of. But when she was promoted, she took her civil service protections with her. Those protections mean she might ultimately have won the right to return to her old job.

Certainly, Bleskachek isn't the first person who has been dumped in a cubicle and sentenced to shuffling paper.

KARE 11 has video on this story here.