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Friday, December 22, 2006

Bloghouse on Mary Kiffmeyer's Lack of Professionalism


The first transition meeting was held Thursday. In attendance were Kiffmeyer; Ritchie; Beth Fraser, a Ritchie senior staffer and soon-to-be director of intergovernmental affairs, and, of course, rabidly partisan blogger Michael Brodkorb of Minnesota Democrats Exposed (1).

No, Kiffmeyer's not political at all.

For something important like a transition meeting, you'd think Kiffmeyer would invite an aide to attend, as Ritchie did.

"Mark brought one of his campaign people with him -- a very adversarial, political operative campaign person [Fraser]," Kiffmeyer said in an interview. "I kind of thought that might happen. And I wanted someone. I didn't want to involve my official staff or any of my campaign people ... [I wanted] someone who would be able to be an advocate for me."

No one better than Brodkorb for that role. When you're looking for Republican water to be carried, look no further than MDE.

And he came through. The brief meeting was in the early morning; Brodkorb had an anti-Ritchie post up by noon.


Kiffmeyer said she was "shocked" that Brodkorb was posting about the meeting: "If I had known that, I would have told him not to." But she wouldn't commit to asking him to relent from future posts.

What a sore loser.