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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bring Back the Country Club Republicans

I've been watching some of today's (Saturday) coverage of the funeral and other solemn rituals for President Ford. I was in junior high during the Watergate years, and while I found it fascinating even at that age (yes, I watched televised Congressional hearings on warm summer afternoons.....), I'm sure that if I were an adult at that time, I might have a different perspective on the Ford presidency.

But seeing the reunion of recognizable faces from the Nixon/Ford era does make me wistful for a time when the GOP and the Democrats actually talked to each other and worked on legislation together, and when the values of the GOP were the values of mainstreet and the Chamber of Commerce, not the values of some Harold Hill-like evangelical fearmonger.

When Ronald Reagan was President, he and the Democratic Speaker of the US House, Tip O'Neill, used to meet for a highball late in the afternoon.... can you imagine Nancy Pelosi and Dubya getting together for a purely social reason???

Rest in peace, President Ford. Thank you for your humble service during troubled times. We need to be carefully pondering the lessons of your life.


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