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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Comments on Westover's Column at Gay Blog Eleventh Avenue South and Minnesota Monitor

Craig Westover must have struck a nerve
And you didn't answer his points.

The 1993 human rights act was signed by Republican governor Arne Carlson - and was supported by Rep. Tim Pawlenty, and Sen Dean Johnson (who was a republican at the time).

The 93 human rights act was over 10 years old. Minnesota still has a sodomy law in the statutes (it's overturned in the courts) - but why can't the legislature repeal that nonsense. In my opinion, it's embarrassing that we still have that statute on our books.

The DFL treats gays like a cheap date - and as long as gays continue to act like a cheap date, we'll get treated like that - when it comes to getting legislation passed.

Posted by: Eva Young at December 20, 2006 10:57 PM

I'm definitely not giving the DFL a free pass. I'm pointing out that it's disingenious for Westover to be aligned with the GOP, a party that makes no qualms about it's anti-gay policies, to take the DFL to task for going to slow on progress. I'm sure the DFL would pick up the issues much faster if the GOP didn't pounce on every pro-gay statement made by a DFLer. The DFL should have more backbone, but the GOP and it's friends at the Family Council are the monkeywrench in the works.

If Westover feels strongly enough to pen a piece on the same-sex marriage issue, why doesn't he focus on the party that holds gays back: the GOP?

Posted by: Andy at December 20, 2006 11:23 PM

Pawlenty has since stated that he regrets having supported the '93 HR Act.

Posted by: Anonymous at December 21, 2006 07:54 AM

At least Westover has the balls to speak out within his party. Where are the DFLers who "support" us? They don't have the balls to criticize anyone in thier own party. I suppose, though, that they are legitimately scared with the way DFLers witchhunt people out of their party who disagree with or criticize the party leaders.

Posted by: DavidD at December 21, 2006 08:04 AM

It's disingenuous for the DFL to claim to be friends of the gay community, when in reality they deliver nothing - and Craig asks a reasonable question.

I'll agree that he should also be holding republicans accountable on this one - he did not call Michele Bachmann out for her rabid anti-gay bigotry on this one.

Posted by: Eva Young at December 21, 2006 08:24 PM

I just think that...
If Westover feels strongly enough to pen a piece on the same-sex marriage issue, why doesn't he focus on the party that holds gays back: the GOP?

Progress 10 years ago is progress. And Pawlenty has since regretted his vote. "Tim Pawlenty led the fight against domestic partnership benefits in 2002 when he was House Majority Leader. In 1993 he voted to include sexual orientation in the Minnesota Human Rights Act, but as a candidate for governor he said this vote was his biggest regret."
by: Andy Birkey @ Dec 20, 2006 -- 11:37 PM CST
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*[new] Westover Has Penned Multiple Columns on Gay Marriage
He has challenged many conservatives to rethink the issue. In this column, he asked reasonable questions.

Under the IP's Jesse Ventura, state workers got domestic partner benefits. After Pawlenty won, the Dems willingly sold old gays (as did the labor unions) - and the negotiated contracts were ratified, with the negotiated language about domestic partner benefits removed.

Other states have had much more progress on gay issues.

Outfront raises money on the idea that they've got to be there to "keep the 93 human rights act intact". In fact, when Arlon Lindner introduced that bill to repeal the act, house republicans had no intention of bringing that one up for a hearing.
by: lloydletta @ Dec 21, 2006 -- 8:50 PM CST

More recently, they raised money to help keep from writing discrimination into the constitution. They chose a largely invisible strategy of helping DFL candidates - but doing under the radar field work, so candidates didn't have to deal with having to explain support from the gay community.