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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dennis Prager Responds to Critics


He starts out by whining:

In addition, there was widespread coverage on left-wing blogs, which, with no exception I could find, distorted what I said, charging my column and me with, for example, racism (see below), when race plays no role at all in this issue or in my column. For the record, because I deem this a significant statement about most of the Left, I found virtually no left-wing blog that was not filled with obscenity-laced descriptions of me. Aside from the immaturity and loathing of higher civilization that such public use of curse words reveal, the fury and hate render the leftist charge that it is the Right that is hate-filled one of the most obvious expressions of psychological projection I have seen in my lifetime.

I haven't seen such descriptions of Prager. I called him a theocrat (and a column like the one he wrote justifies that), and others have called him a bigot. That is hardly obscenity-laced. It is strong language. Prager used strong language - and emotional comparisons in his column.

I'm sure that Prager has received hate mail since his column got so much attention. That's unpleasant - but hate mail gets sent to right wingers and left wingers. You can't pin that down to one group of people.

Thanks to commenter Paul from Minneapolis for pointing this out.