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Monday, December 18, 2006

Former Mpls Councilman Gary Dean Zimmermann to be Sentenced Tuesday

From Zimmermann's message to his supporters in David Shove's Progressive Calendar,;

A sentencing date has been set for 1:30 pm, Tuesday, December 19th. This will take place on the 13th Floor of the Mpls Federal Court House, the same building where the trial was held. I expect that I will have to report to a prison sometime around January 16th. Any appeals will be filed at time of sentencing. Right now we have not made any decisions about what appeals may be made or on what grounds.

The e-mail goes on about a "Last Supper" to be held in his honor by his supporters.

The same post in the Progressive Calendar has a message from 2005 Minneapolis City Council candidate Dave Bicking:

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we find out what Dean's sentence will be on the three charges he was convicted of last August. Please join us at the sentencing:

Tuesday, December 18, 1:30pm Sentencing of Dean Zimmermann in the courtroom of Judge Ann Montgomery, 13th floor of the Federal Building, 300 S. 4th St, in downtown Mpls.

Dean and Jenny have appealed for supporters to come if they are able. They are heartened by the over 130 letters written to the judge supporting Dean and asking for leniency. Let's show our support publicly tomorrow!

Here is Dean and Jenny's take on what to expect: "While there is no question that the many - over 100! - letters sent to Judge Montgomery will have a positive impact, there is no reason for us to believe that she will deviate a great deal from the Federal sentencing guidelines. These guidelines are 30-37 months imprisonment. The Federal Prosecutor's office is asking the judge to sentence Dean to 36-48 months. .... The likelihood that the Judge will sentence Dean solely to community service for a period of time is not high."

[For comparison, Brian Herron received a one year sentence in 2002, lowered from a federal guideline of 2-1/2 years due to his cooperation in collecting evidence against the briber Basim Sabri - who received a 33 month sentence. Joe Biernat received a one year and nine month sentence in 2003 from the same judge who will be sentencing Dean. Biernat, however, was found not guilty on the bribery charge, and was sentenced for five lesser charges.]

If he is sentenced to prison, Dean will be starting his sentence sometime in the second half of January, 2007.

Though a sentence of probation or community service would be a huge relief, we should remember that any sentence at all is excessive and unwarranted, because Dean is clearly innocent of any criminal act. Bribery involves the intent to solicit or accept money in exchange for favors done. Those of us who know Dean well can safely say that Dean would never have that intent.

In reality, this case has nothing to do with bribes, corruption, or even ethics or campaign financing. This is about Dean being set-up by the FBI due to his long history of political activism. The FBI has been watching and keeping files on Dean for at least 40 years. Dean is headed for federal prison because of what he has done RIGHT all his lifetime, not for anything he has done wrong.

If Dean goes to prison, he will be a political prisoner by any definition I have ever heard. We should support him tomorrow, and we should continue to support him, as such.

I hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow, --Dave Bicking

PS. Mark your calendars now: Saturday, January 6, 5pm Quaker meeting for worship, 6pm potluck dinner at the Friends Meeting House, 1725 Grand Ave., St. Paul. A going-away party, or as they are calling it, a "Last Supper" for Dean.

Zimmermann... a...political prisoner!?! ... yeah, right. Political prisoners aren't treated as nicely as Zimmermann has... they let him spend the holidays with his family before sending him to jail. When Zimmmermann is shipped off to jail in January, he will likely be doing time at a minimum security prison with other white collar criminals.

I was in the courtroom when the FBI videos were played and they were damning. For notes on those videos and everything else that happened during the 8 days of the Zimmermann trial go to the Minneapolis Confidential Blog.

Not all the Greens are drinking the Kool-Aid::

Dean is not going to prison for building a damned retaining wall.
Not sure all the other accusations are accurate either,

Get your facts straight, please.
Annie Young

It's too bad that there are still people who think that Zimmermann is innocent.... they're in for a shock when those videos are released.

Zimmermann Wikipedia page HERE.

Zimmermann at the 2006 Mayday Parade:

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Dave Bicking was there too:

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