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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Is Dean Zimmermann Writing His Autobiography?

Funny thing I noticed... a former Green Party Minneapolis councilman is convicted in Federal Court on 3 counts of bribery... he admits to being a habitual marijuana smoker and what do the right-wing bloggers have to say about it? Nothing that I can see on Technorati or Google.

You have to go to the Minneapolis Issues for a variety of public opinion on the sentencing of Gary Dean Zimmermann.

Park Board Commissioner and Green Party member Annie Young writes:

And Dean has said he wants to write. And one of his best friends (Leah Rogne, a professor) wants to write his autobiography so therefore they already talked about how to get these past 64 years down on paper. He said"
Give him the questions, and he will write the answer". Quite a story it will turn out being. After all, what else will he have to do over the next 30 months??? :-)

Annie Young gives us this little bit of biographical information about Zimmermann from the early 1970's:

For those of us who are close to Dean honestly believe he will be just fine when all is said and done. After all, when he left Minneapolis the last time for an extended period was after the Co-op Wars when he was exiled to
Louisiana and North Dakota. He was very lonely and certainly missed everybody here but he survived, made the best of the situation and life went on. Just as it does for all of us. I am sure those 3+ years will be included in his book.

I would be very interested in reading that as well. Apart from Craig Cox's "Storefront Revolution", there is very little historical information about Zimmermann's activities when he was with the Coop Organization in the 1970's(CO later the "O") which was been described as a "political cult" in another book.

However, if all the information in this autobiography comes from Zimmermann, I doubt that the book will be an honest account. Zimmermann's trial revealed that he has a serious difficulty telling the truth... perhaps as a result of smoking marijuana every day for 30 years.

So, in the interest of balance, I've decided to write an unauthorized biography of the former Councilman. I invite readers to send me historical information. I am particularly interested in the following:

  • Zimmerman's activities during the 1970's. In particular his involvement in the "O" and his subsequent "exile" and his return.

  • A rumored incident that took place while Zimmermann was on the Park Board.

  • Zimmermann's collaboration with right-wing Republicans like Rep. Mark Olson and State Senator (now Congresswoman) Michele Bachmann.

  • Zimmermann's anti-LRT activites and his promotion of "Personal Rapid Transit".

    ..and anything else that belongs in Gary Dean Zimmermann's biography... send all tips and info to Ken Avidor at

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