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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lloydletta Commenters Weigh In on Don Samuels

Where did our tax money go?

Billions go to the stadiums, and the next is the vikings givaway, again the city will cough up tens of millions for more stadiums. (infrastructure, street building, reroute of utilities, special tax deals, etc) Samuels is just carrying the loot from the taxpayers to Pohlad and the billionaires.

His own ward is a mess and usually gets nothing from the bigtime deals.
Not even a couple of books.

I found Samuels' comments completely ridiculous as well. Anyone seen the statistics on literacy and inmates? Samuels is more and more disappointing as time goes on.
Molly C

Strib LTE:


Produce better citizens

The Minneapolis City Council recently decided not to provide additional ongoing funding for neighborhood libraries. City Council Member Don Samuels was reported to have said that public safety cannot be compromised and that in a situation of violence the only use for a book is to throw it or block a bullet with it.

But Samuels looks at the problem only from a position of reacting to violence. If we address violence before it starts, by providing for the schools, libraries and parks that get education and programming into the hands of youth, perhaps we'll have less need for books as a defensive weapon.

The police approach to crime may temporarily stop violence, but libraries and education can produce better citizens.