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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lloydletta from the Archives: Council Member Don Samuels Opposes the First Amendment

Avidor took this movie and described this circus earlier this year here.

Loosestrife transcribed Samuels statement at Minneapolis Upside Down.

While I do value our freedoms. . . there are some of them that our community has not demonstrated the responsibility to bear. . . and. . .one, for me, would be certain freedoms within this new electronic category which has been as lethal as the guns that are pervasive on our streets. . . . I don't think that we have demonstrated the capability to deal with this freedom, neither by the ones who perpetrate it as weapons or by the ones of us who are called upon to oversee the responsible utilization of these media.

Until that day comes, and until, personally speaking, I . . . cease to be a victim of the irresponsible use and incapacity to supervise the freedoms that are now brought to us by these incredible advances in technology, I will have to vote against--and again, again, and again--until we demonstrate responsibility and supervising capability for our new freedom.

. . . All the advances we have have kind of gone to our head and our guts. . . . We forget that the freedoms that we have have worked, not because the freedoms themselves have virtue but because we ourselves as a nation have certain principles whether they be religious or spiritual or cultural--around fairness, hard work, honesty etc. that makes democracy work. . . .

Freedom of speech, unbridled, and without supervision, can create more harm than good. There's no doubt about that. If we, as a nation, continue to increase our freedoms while decreasing our responsibility both in terms of our laws and in terms of our responsibilities as citizens and as leaders to defend each other and protect each other from the abuses of people, then we do not deserve and will not maintain or sustain our democracy and our democratic principles. . . .

. . . Have no doubt about it, democracy and freedom of speech are not virtues in and of their selves. They can only exist within the framework of civility.

Do not delude ourselves that our freedoms are our highest goal or our highest value. No they are not. Our highest values are our cultural civility and fairness and kindness and generosity. And then freedom can come. . . . Unless we can find a way to turn the tide on this, then we will go down in a flame of freedom.