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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Patrick Sammon Named Log Cabin Republican President

Malcontent comments:

The Log Cabin Republicans national board today officially named its interim president, Patrick Sammon, to the permanent job, replacing the "other" Patrick, surname Guerriero. (Sammon's appointment comes just days after the rumor mill buzzed with speculation that Robert Traynham, aide to outgoing Sen. Rick Santorum, would land the gig.)

I've known Sammon for a few years now. He's affable and steady, and his media background will make him especially effective, like his predecessor, as a communicator for Log Cabin's mission.

Less well-known is his leadership style and where he intends to take the organization.

Sammon comes to the helm just as several opposing forces are buffeting LCR. The group is reeling from revelations that its former chairman is a massive tax cheat, which can't exactly be good for fundraising calls.

But the real tug-of-war is political. On the one hand, a sizeable number of gay conservatives and Republicans (personified by people like Bruce Carroll) still have a hefty chip on their shoulder over LCR's $1 million ad buy in 2004 against the Bush administration's efforts to add a ban on gay marriage to the Constitution. They argue that, as a nominally Republican group, LCR has not been conservative enough.

On the other hand, there are those — myself included — who are so disgusted at Republicans' abdication of their foundational principles (freedom for all, states' rights, smaller government) that we blanch at membership in a group with the "R" word in its name.

There's always been internal disagreement within Log Cabin Republican on this point. I anticipate this will continue.

Dan Blatt over at Gay Patriot predictably, pans the choice.