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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pawlenty's Brian McClung Insists on Correction from City Pages

For this from GR Anderson:

2:53 a.m.: Pawlenty finally hits the stage, accompanied by chants of "E85, E85." "I'm going to ask for your help," the governor says. "It's a time to be humble. It's a time to be grateful. And it's a time for our nation and our state to come together." He concedes that "the country is divided" and that "we need to come together and we need to do our part by starting that here tonight.... The next four years is going to be different than the last four years. We got different leadership in Congress. We got different leadership in St. Paul. There are big challenges ahead of us."

He then offers a "shout-out" to "my red-hot smokin' wife," before reading a Bible verse and concluding, "God has blessed me... Amen."

From the print version of this week's CP:

Brian McClung, Gov. Tim Pawlenty's communications director, took issue with G.R. Anderson Jr's summary of Pawlenty's election-night speech at GOP headquarters. City Pages wishes to clarify the following: The governor paraphrased but did not "read" a Bible verse near the end of his speech, and did not say "amen" after announcing that "God has blessed me" near the end of the speech. City Pages regrets the misstatement.

It's interesting that the Governor's office took the time to insist on a correction on this one. It suggests that the Leviticus crowd may be beginning to be concidered more of a liability than an asset to Republicans - especially those with national aspirations.