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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Robin Marty Interviews Arianna Huffington


According to the New York Times, you are going to be adding original reporting to the Huffington Post. Are there any other changes in the works for the HuffPo? What is your view on the state of the media currently, and where do you see both the MSM and blogs heading in the upcoming few years?

For the HuffPost, it will be more video, more investigative pieces, more viral/satiric content -- more, more, more.

We don't need to choose sides… Are you into TV or YouTube? Yahoo News or the New York Times? Blogs or Newsweek? As these are either/or distinctions. The more I hear this kind of talk, the more I realize that it has about as much real world relevance as "tastes great" vs "less filling". It's as outdated as the old Ginger vs Mary Ann barroom argument. Why do we have to choose? This is 2006 -- why not just have a three-way. After all, polyamory is very hot right now. We have polygamy on HBO, we can have polygamedia in our consumption habits.

So give me blogs… and my hard copy newspaper. Let me watch stuff on TiVo, DVD, YouTube, on an iPod… and on cable TV. That is the biggest change: consumers who want what they want, when they want it… and in a variety of media.

Huffington will speak at the annual luncheon for the Minnesota Women's Political Caucus.