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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hatch's Condescension Towards Women Candidates

From MNPublius comments on the claims that Wetterling was "office shopping":

The only person that had her "shopping" for the state office is Mike Hatch. He floated the rumor, he asked her publicly, he shows up at her announcement (notice that he wasn't one of the invited electeds. He shows up and leaves.), and he got the headlines for about four days. Patty is not working with amatuers and she's was on her second federal race. She where she could spend the money. She knew what she was going to do before she announced her self pulling out of the Senate race. The poll that shows her kicking all of the Republicans ass- and having a better name and support than TInklenberg was done FOUR days before she went public. Mike Hatch screwed things up by taking advantage of the situation. He was told no privatly and continued to push the story, hoping that public support will push Patty's team in his direction.

Also, the sexist attitude of the general population that the Lt Governor spot is a good place for a woman, or Secretary of State (which has two strong candidates already).

There was sleeze involved, but it came from Hatch, and he is a calculating SOB.

Posted by: StPaul_DFLer | February 4, 2006 09:24 AM

Was Hatch working with Tinklenberg here? Mike Hatch has a history of underhanded tactics when trying to work DFL conventions. Both Mike Freeman (who ran for Governor in 1994 with John Marty and Mike Hatch as DFL opponents) and Ember Reichgott Junge (who got DFL endorsement for AG and Hatch and another DFLer ran against her in a primary) can tell you that.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Tarryl Clark Opposes Hennepin County Stadium Without Referendum

King Banaian has the details.

I did put to her the question a couple of people asked me -- what is her feeling about the stadium issues? It turns out she and I agree that local voters should have a chance to decide if they want to pay for a stadium in their jurisdiction. I don't think that's a hard position to take, but someone might want to get that message to our governor and the logrolling speaker of the house. I didn't ask her about this morning's Times editorial on eminent domain reform, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn she agrees with it. Overall the conversation was quite agreeable; she has all the people skills others had told me she had.

I think the Governor's Office needs more calls on this topic. Leave a message at 651-296-3391 - urge Governor Pawlenty to just say no to the Hennepin County stadium tax.

Does Hatch Use Staff from his Taxpayer Funded AG Office for Campaigning?

Mike Hatch was on Air America again this morning. I tried to call in to ask whether he is using attorney general staff to do campaign duties. The call screener wouldn't put me on the show.

Craig Cox suggests that the State Auditor might be investigating Mike Hatch's office to check out these allegations. It's about time.

January 31, 2006

We were only half-joking the other day when, speculating with a local political wag about Patty Wetterling’s apparent ambivalence about joining the Mike Hatch ticket, we suggested that “maybe she’s looking for a ticket that might win.” Well, sure enough, we learn today that Wetterling has turned down Hatch’s overture, mumbling something about the lieutenant governor post not being the best venue for her child advocate work.

Wetterling certainly knows a lot more about the politics of children’s advocacy than we do, but it’s hard to imagine a better position than the state’s second-highest elected office for calling attention to those issues. We wonder if her decision might have had more to do with the entrance of Independence Party candidate Peter Hutchinson into the gubernatorial race and the likelihood that a Hatch ticket will fare about as well in November as the Roger Moe-Julie Sabo ticket fared four years ago.

Today’s poll showing that Gov. Tim Pawlenty edges Hatch 47-44 in a two-person race certainly does nothing to mitigate those concerns. Hutchinson is sure to cut into Hatch’s DFL support more than Pawlenty’s GOP base (though some observers argue that Hutchinson has secured a solid base of moderate Republicans), so maybe Wetterling saw the writing on the wall. (There are also rumors floating that the Hatch campaign may be facing an investigation by the state auditor over allegations that he is using his office for campaign work.)

Electoral prospects notwithstanding, Wetterling may have just had a problem working with Hatch. We’re told by sources close to the Wetterling campaign that she was furious that Hatch leaked their meeting to the press and suggested that Wetterling was never really serious about accepting the offer.

Now it seems more likely that Wetterling will run in the Sixth District congressional race, which will not be welcomed by Elwyn Tinklenberg, a conservative DFLer who Wetterling had assured months ago she would not challenge. This will not amuse conservative DFLers in the district who saw in Tinklenberg a pro-life, pro-gun candidate they could get behind. Wetterling and her staff are reportedly planning a meeting with Tinklenberg to smooth the waters before making a formal announcement.

Tinklenberg is also an anti-gay Michele Bachmann wannabee. So far Michele Bachmann and Elwyn Tinklenberg are the only candidates who have taken a public stand in favor of the Federal Bachmann amendment. The other Republican legislators running for the seat have the voting record of supporting the state constitutional amendment. Jim Knoblach appeared in the MFC Bachmann amendment promotion piece.

A commenter responded to a recent post on Tinklenberg:

So does Wetterling's entrance into the race mean that Eva is supporting Patty if she takes GLBT friendly positions?

Where DO 6th CD candidates from both parties actually stand on this issue?

Silence, ala Esmay, Knoblach, and Krinkie, is not a position.

BTW, Krinkie's official campaign blog selected highlights from Tuesday night's SOTU speech-- included was the passage about supporting "traditional" marriage and opposing "activist judges" who threaten it.

Doesn't that imply support for the federal Bachmann Amendment?

I'm not supporting any candidate in the 6th District. It's hard to interpret Krinkie's blog on this. Bush's speech mentioned activist judges, and traditional marriage, but didn't mention the Federal Marriage Amendment (which is an area where Bush and Cheney disagree). I sent the following email to the Krinkie campaign.

From the blog - Krinkie highlighted these areas of agreement with Bush:

"Many Americans have deep concerns about the direction of our culture. They are concerned about the unethical conduct of public officials, and discouraged by activist courts that try to redefine marriage. We must never give into the belief that America is in decline, or that our culture is doomed to unravel. The American people know better than that."

Does Krinkie agree with the President or Vice President on the Federal Bachmann amendment?

I'll keep you posted if I get a response.

Tinklenberg's Tacky Moves


Elwyn Tinklenberg came to Patty Wetterling's announcement Press Conference, then claimed the microphone after the Press Conference to stage his own press conference to whine about Wetterling's entry into the race.

Shawn Towle from Checks and Balances has coverage:

The Wetterling Anouncement, Rebuttals and Some Controversy

As expected Patty Wetterling (D) announced her reentrance into the 6th Congressional District race at the Anoka County Government Center this morning. Wetterling acknowledged the number of calls she has received asking her to run for the position.

At her press conference a number of Republican operatives were present. Michael Brodkorb, of Minnesota Democrats Exposed fame blogged live from the event, Bill Walsh, Campaign Manager for Phil Krinkie (R), Rep. Jim Knoblach (R-16B, St. Cloud), Mike Tavernier, Campaign Manager for Jim Knoblach (R) and Mark Drake, Communication
Director for the Minnesota Republican Party were a few of the most visible GOP notables.

The Knoblach and Krinkie campaigns and the Republican Party had press releases for the event.

The Krinkie press release just parroted Republican Party and Elwyn Tinklenberg campaign talking points. Jim Knoblach took the high road:

Knoblach Strongest Republican in 6th District

Knoblach said, "With Patty Wetterling now entering the race, the Democrats have two strong contenders. Republicans need the strongest possible candidate in the race to hold the seat. I am that candidate."

Knoblach continued, "The numbers show I have consistently posted the strongest election results among the Republican candidates. I bring people together and assemble strong campaign efforts. We're going to need that in 2006. Others in this race have historically been unable to get conservative Democrats and independent minded voters to support their campaigns."

"I have also built a voting record that will appeal to voters in central Minnesota. Wetterling's natural electoral base is in my backyard – which is one of the most Democratic areas of the district," said Knoblach.

Knoblach was a class act here.

Krinkie parrots the breathless talking points of the Drama Queen.

Krinkie Statement on Wetterling Announcement

"I'm not going to run for the 6thDistrict.The numbers show me that. . . I will not win."

--Patty Wetterling,Pioneer Press, April 20, 2005

"Tinklenberg on Thursday said Wetterling had assured himrepeatedly that she would stay in the Senate race. 'I take her at her word,' he said."

Star Tribune,January 20, 2006

Circle Pines, MN – The Phil Krinkie for Congress Campaign questioned the credibility of Patty Wetterling today after she announced she is running for Congress in the 6th District. Wetterling has made several strong public statements claiming she would not run for the 6th District Congressional seat, now she's going back on her word.

"If we can't trust Patty Wetterling to keep her word about her political plans, how can voters in the 6th District trust her promises during the campaign?" said Phil Krinkie. "First she said she couldn't win in the 6th District, so she ran for the Senate. Now she realizes she can't win the Senate race so she's back to the 6th District. What's next?"

Krinkie also noted he is the most prepared to face off against Wetterling if she becomes the Democrat nominee because he has consistently led the Republican field in fundraising and has the most election experience, having won reelection seven times over 14 years.

With $266,000 cash on hand, Krinkie leads all candidates (Democrat and Republican) heading into the 2006 election year. He is the only Congressional challenger candidate in the country to be endorsed by the Club for Growth and the Free Enterprise Fund PAC, two nationally recognized pro-growth, free enterprise organizations.

Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District covers all of Benton, Sherburne and Wright Counties, and most of Anoka, Stearns and Washington Counties.

Krinkie would be better off having his surrogates attack Wetterling in his press release - and focus on the contrast between his vision and Wetterling's vision. Gil Gutnecht is being criticized for promising term limits the first time he ran and now going back on his word.

Krinkie's release parrots the Republican Party line.


Broken Promise Follows Repeated Assurances Wetterling Would Not Enter Race

"With her deeply disappointing decision to break her word and run for Congress again in the Sixth Congressional District, Patty Wetterling sadly became just another politician today.

"During her brief U.S. Senate campaign, Patty Wetterling said repeatedly that she would not run again in the Sixth District. Patty Wetterling has acknowledged that she cannot win in the Sixth because she is too far to the left of most people in the district. Today's announcement will no doubt dishearten many who took Patty Wetterling at her word."

-Ron Carey, Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota

More from Checks and Balances:

Wetterling Campaign Manager Carol Butler was asked by the media for
copies of the recent poll results the campaign had. She said she did not have them with her and she directed them to Checks & Balances.

After the Wetterling event, Elwyn Tinklenberg (D) held his own press conference. While we did not remain on site for his response we learned he released a letter, claiming endorsement from the four Democratic members of the Minnesota Congressional delegation (Congressmen Jim Oberstar, Martin Sabo, Colin Peterson and Betty
McCollum). We understand that this letter was originally circulated in mid-November, well before Tinklenberg had a challenger in the race. It is our understanding the original intent was for this to be an introductory letter for Tinklenberg and not an endorsement letter. Conveniently the date of the letter was not included in its release to the news media.

We contacted both Martin Sabo and Betty McCollum's offices and have been told on no uncertain terms that neither Sabo or McCollum considered their support to be an endorsement, but rather strictly the type of letter they would sign for pretty much any unopposed Democratic Congressional candidate.

This speaks to the honesty and integrity of Elwyn Tinklenberg's campaign. Tinklenberg's campaign should apologise to Sabo and McCollum.

C&B continues:

We have obtained an earlier draft of the letter that was rejected by the four Congressional members because of the wording and we wonder if John Wodele, Tinklenberg's campaign manager, is circulating the final draft of the letter the Congressional members did not agree to sign or if it is an earlier version. Interestingly enough the letter Wodele released did not have any formal signatures of Oberstar, Sabo, Peterson or McCollum.

I noticed that over on the Drama Queen's website. C&B posts the text of the letter.

The Tinklenberg Introductory Letter: (Drafted on November 9, 2005)


Dear xxxxxxxxx,

The 2006 election promises to be an exciting year for House Democrats: a bright opportunity to reclaim the majority in Congress.

For the past five years the nation we love has endured harsh challenges and a national government that is alternately unable or unwilling to address them. We know that we can do better for the people we serve. Democrats in the House have new, exciting ideas on reforming the ethics process, lowering gas prices, improving health care, restoring long-term retirement security, and investing in infrastructure for our people.

That is why we are so hopeful about 2006.

In Minnesota, we have one of the most exciting House candidates in the country. His name is Elwyn Tinklenberg and he is running in the nationally targeted Minnesota Sixth Congressional District.

Elwyn Tinklenberg exciting? That's a new one.

We are confident that El has the experience, the ideas, and the sophistication to serve admirably in our Caucus. We know he can win and claim a seat that the Republicans have held for too long, but which is now an open seat.

El was a successful mayor of Blaine and Minnesota's Commissioner of Transportation. He understands the challenges in suburban Minnesota and has the experience to be a great Member of Congress. El has impressed us with his views on health care, education, and improving the lives of children. He comes from the heart of a proud legacy of DFL leaders in Minnesota.

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer and DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel have already visited Minnesota to help El. We are invested in his success and in helping Democrats in Minnesota win a nationally targeted seat.

We ask you to join us by contributing generously to El's campaign.

Please send a contribution today -- $250, $500, $1000 or any other generous amount – in the enclosed envelope. El will be calling you to give you a more detailed update on the aggressive campaign he is building. His campaign has proved worthy of our confidence and, we believe, yours as well.

Thank you for all you've done to help Minnesota Democrats. Please extend that effort by helping El Tinklenberg and sending a message that Democrats are united in standing for the priorities of the people of America during these challenging times.



C&B also posts a copy of a Tinklenberg campaign email.

Also we have obtained an email solicitation from the Tinklenberg Campaign that lists a number of supporters including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rahm Emanuel. We have a call into the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to see if this is an accurate list of supporters, but at this time have not received a call back.

It should be noted that in the email the names of McCollum and former Senator Tom Daschle are incorrectly spelled.

The Tinklenberg Email:

Dear Friend,

I am writing to you to say Happy Holidays and give you an update on the progress of my campaign for U.S. House of Representatives in Minnesota's 6th District. The campaign is gaining momentum and new supporters every day. Here are just a few of the positive developments in recent weeks.

Union endorsements
The United Steel Workers
The United Transportation Union
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Democratic Leadership Supporters
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rahm Emanuel
Senator John Kerry
Senator Barack Obama
Former Senator Tom Dashel
Congressman Jim Oberstar
Congressman Colin Peterson
Congressman Martin Olav Sabo
Congresswoman Betty McCullum
General Wesley K. Clark (U.S. Army Ret.)
The New Democratic Network
The Blue Dog Democrats

None of these are support from the district. Elwyn Tinklenberg is running a Washington DC campaign.

I am honored and humbled by the support I have received from labor unions and the National Democratic Party but I will not be able to win this race without the support of Minnesotans like you. Any Contribution you can make will help the campaign immensely. I would not ask, and I would not even be running, if I did not absolutely believe we could win in the 6th and help the Democratic Party take back the House.

It seems like every day you open the paper a new example of corruption and the abuse of power is being uncovered. Just this week the New York Times ran a story about the U.S. Government spying on American citizens without a court order or oversight from Congress. Together we can change the culture of cronyism and secrecy, and restore trust and accountability to our federal government.

Tinklenberg's Pac Man campaign strategy doesn't seem to back up the spin of Elwyn Tinklenberg as a "reform candidate".

I fully expect to be attacked in this race in the same way that other Democratic candidates were assailed in the last few election cycles. But, this time we must fight back! To do that I need to raise money.

It is because I think it is so important that I ask you to help my campaign with a contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford.

You can contribute by credit card at my website:

Or by sending a check made out to Tinklenberg for Congress to:

P.O. Box 49787
Blaine, MN 55449

Thank you in advance for your support. I know that together we can move this country closer to the nation we all know it can be.

With warmest regards for a safe and happy holiday season,

Elwyn Tinklenberg
Candidate for Congress
Minnesota's 6th District


UPDATE: A reader notes:

Bill Walsh is not the campaign manager for the Krinkie campaign. He is working with the campaign full-time, but the manager is still Anoka County Commissioner Rhonda Sivarajah.

Shawn Towle - and I stand corrected.

Tinklenberg Upstages Wetterling's Announcement

Strib here.

Children's safety advocate Patty Wetterling will announce her candidacy for the DFL nomination for Congress from the Sixth Congressional District today, according to her new rival in that race, former Blaine Mayor Elwyn Tinklenberg.

Wetterling's candidacy has been an open secret in political circles for a few days since she dropped her bid for the U.S. Senate, and she will officially announce it in Anoka this morning.

Tinklenberg, a former state transportation commissioner, said Wetterling called him Thursday afternoon and told him of her plans.

Tinklenberg, who has said that he got into the race relying on Wetterling's assurances that she would not run against him, said he asked her how she could go back on her commitment.

Tinklenberg said Wetterling told him that "things change, the world moves on."

Tinklenberg said he is disappointed. "I think that's what commitments are all about," he said. "They become most important when things change."

He said he supported Wetterling when she sought the seat in 2004, in part because he believed she was not a typical politician. But her decision to switch races strikes him as "political opportunism," he said.

Tinklenberg said that he would stay in the race and seek the DFL endorsement but that he would not challenge Wetterling in a primary if she were to get the endorsement.

This will be interesting. Elwyn Tinklenberg is trying to make this an issue in the campaign. This is NOT a major issue. Things do change, and grass roots activists were not excited about Elwyn Tinklenberg's campaign. Tinklenberg's website is a blank slate. According to an analysis by the Student for Bachmann, Tinklenberg has the most PAC money (those DC PACs). Tinklenberg is charging his campaign for rental of his house as office.

There's more comment on Tinklenberg's future on MN Publius here.

Sean, the point is that he can't survive a primary with Wetterling. She comes in to the race $100,000 ahead of him. She comes in the race with a professional experienced team in play.

His money source is about to dry up. Washington DC(who sent him his fundraiser) is about to pull the plug and switch their support to Patty. People who gave to him in the past is going to go with known commodity that polls much better against the Republicans than he can.

Posted by: StPaul_DFLer | February 2, 2006 07:48 AM

The thing about Tinklenberg is that he just sat back and collected checks. Scotty Mortensen "whom withdrew from the race in November" actually went out and about meeting people building grassroots support. Tinklenberg made it to the state fair once or twice from what I remember, and just didn't spend much time campaigning in the summer or fall. Because he had front runner status, and open seat, cash flowed in with little ground work. That shows in the poll numbers shown above.

I also have seen Tinklenberg in person. I think he is qualified and can win the seat. He is not as much of a right winger as I once thought. But I do agree with Eva that he will struggle with volunteers and has little support from the grassroots or netroots.

It really is time for Tinklenberg to post issue positions. Endorsements take place in a little over a month, come on

Posted by: Demrock6 | February 2, 2006 08:55 AM

Tinklenberg=anti-choice, anti-gay. Can you say Janet Robert?

'Nuff said.

Posted by: Anonymous | February 2, 2006 09:07 AM

Developing..... Will the Human Rights Campaign do an early endorsement in this seat? They should. Then they can use Bachmann and Tinklenberg (as the Bachmann wannabee) as a fundraising appeal to gay donors. This naturally would be an independent expenditure. Would HRC have the gumption to do this?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Will Wetterling Jump in 6th CD Race

A 6th District Democrat unhappy with the Democratic choice in the 6th District takes it to Democratic Underground.

Tinklenberg offers no reason why he's the best Democrat for the 6th CD

I got a three-page letter from Elwyn Tinklenberg this week soliciting my support for him in the 6th CD race. Beyond some tiresome platitudes about why he is better than George Bush or a Republican candidate ("return fairness and balance to our economic policies," "return accountability and professionalism to the management of government,", blah blah blah), he didn't offer one position on an issue that shows why I should support him over another Democrat. He drops a few names of high-profile supporters, and a bunch of union endorsements (not very good research on their part to be endorsing someone before all the horses are out of the stalls), but not one specific issue or solution or position on anything! That probably should come as no surprise, since his website is an equally blank slate.

Is this what you call faith-based voting? Just trust the candidate who says "I can win," throw money and votes at them blindly and ask questions later. Or is it because Tinklenberg has some beliefs that run contrary to the DFL's core principles--like anti-choice and anti-gay?

This whole notion in the DFL of "Screw the caucuses and conventions and grassroots, we'll decide your candidates from the DCCC because we know better" is getting pretty old. It's time for progressive DFLers to push back against this hijacking of the party and elect the candidates based on what they believe, not what a bunch of inside-the-Beltway political hacks and consultants believe.

Tinklenberg better start letting people know where he stands on the issues before he starts begging for money and support. I, for one, won't support any candidate whose positions are still "coming soon."

Matt from MNPublius posted about Tinklenberg's fundraising.

Checks and Balances reports on a Wetterling poll.

Wetterling Polling

As soon as Patty Wetterling (D) prepared to announce her withdrawal from the U. S. Senate contest, we stated unequivocally, she would once again be a candidate in the Sixth Congressional District. Much attention has been focused on her statement made back in April when she said, "The numbers there (in the Sixth) tell me I can't win". Our understanding of that issue is Wetterling concluded this from the election results in her own race and those of Bush v. Kerry in the district. If that is the case, then we have obtained exclusive internal polling numbers from the Wetterling campaign and these numbers tell a different story.

In a poll of 400 Sixth Congressional Districts residents with a margin of error of +/-4%, Wetterling beats all comers in a head-to-head match-up. The poll conducted by the Mellman Group, was weighted heavily in favor of Republican voters with 40% represented and only 28% being Democratic voters. Of the respondents 42% percent self-identified as Conservative, 24% self identified as Liberal and 29% self-identified as Moderates.

Now we know her critics will be quick to refer to Wetterling as a candidate who sticks her finger in the wind to determine her direction or as a candidate who needs a poll to help her make a decision. But we will ask with a straight face what candidate does not poll and we will say that particular candidate will likely always be just a candidate and not a officeholder.

In hard name identification Wetterling polled at 76% while Elwyn Tinklenberg barely made double digits at 15%. In the break down:

Of the respondents, only 4% had never heard of Wetterling and 22% did not know enough to form an opinion, compared to 45% had never heard of Tinklenberg, and of those who had, 40% did not know enough to form an opinion.

At the beginning of the survey respondents were asked their preferences in head-to-head match-ups against the field of Republicans and the first cut is as follows:

Patty Wetterling 43%
Michele Bachmann 38%
Patty Wetterling 41%
Phil Krinkie 33%
Patty Wetterling 41%
Jim Knoblach 34%
Elwyn Tinklenberg 22%
Michele Bachmann 35%
Elwyn Tinklenberg 21%
Phil Krinkie 25%
(The Tinklenberg/Knoblach question was not included to conserve time.)

One interesting facet of this poll was that Wetterling out polled her Republican opponents significantly with Independents while Tinklenberg trailed the Republicans.

The poll then retested respondents after informing them of issues Wetterling opponents may use as negative attacks during a campaign, including abortion, guns, reentering the 6th race and going back on her word – and found no footing on those issues. This in effect is an attempt to push poll. As they tested potential attack points it was clear nothing moved these possible voters from their prior positions and even improved Wetterling’s support and diminished her opponents support.

We have said before that the negative attacks against Wetterling in 2004 may have created fertile ground for a backlash effect that any candidate directly or through surrogates may mount. Wetterling challengers should heed this warning, attack Wetterling at your own peril.

Patty Wetterling 43%
Michele Bachmann 36%
Patty Wetterling 42%
Phil Krinkie 31%

(The Wetterling/Knoblach question was not included to conserve time.)

We are expecting information on an announcement later in the day.

Developing. . .

UPDATE: Polinaught (MPR blog) says that Wetterling will be announcing something on Friday. It's not clear from the C&B information who performed the poll and what questions were asked. It's clear that Wetterling commissioned the poll.

Lloydletta is Three Years Old Today

Thanks to all of you who read, send me tips and comment on this blog.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Well Timed

Dan Blatt at GayPatriot takes on the Democratic Party for choosing the anti-gay Virginia Governor Tim Kaine for giving the State of the Union response. Read the whole thing.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Mark Ritchie Campaign Monitoring Lloydletta Buzz

Thanks to Lloydletta contributor Mark Hanson for giving an excellent rundown of the Stonewall Meeting.

According to DC, in the comments, Entenza was endorsed.

Mark Hanson asks:

Was Matt Entenza's failure as House Minority leader to maintain party discipline on marriage amendment votes a concern for anybody?
MarkH 01.30.06 - 12:26 pm | #

Good question. Stonewall has always been more interested in whether a candidate will abide by DFL endorsement than whether a candidate will support Stonewall's alleged mission.

I get this in my email from the Mark Ritchie campaign.

Sandra Boone

I thought you and the readers of your blog, Lloydletta's Nooz and Comments, would be interested in hearing about this event. Below is a text version of the news advisory. It is also attached.

Mark Ritchie Challenges Mary Kiffmeyer for Minnesota Secretary of State
Seeking DFL Nomination, Ritchie Announces Candidacy Monday, Feb 6

Contact: Bernard Pollack 612-275-1761

(St. Paul) Voter rights leader and local non-profit president Mark Ritchie will officially announce his candidacy for Minnesota Secretary of State inside the Capitol Rotunda in Saint Paul on Monday, February 6 at 10:30 AM.

Ritchie will outline his platform to bring 21st Century Leadership to the Office of Secretary of State; including how he will welcome more young and traditionally disenfranchised citizens to the election process, inspire and empower the staff to provide excellent public customer service, and restore voter confidence by protecting every vote.

With the voting irregularities in Florida and Ohio still in voters’ minds, Republican lawmakers proposing that only citizens with government issued IDs be allowed to vote, and the current Secretary of State attacks on Minnesota’s Election Day registration system -- this race is bound to be closely watched when voters head to the polls in November.

Community leaders and more than two dozen elected officials from across the state will join Ritchie for his announcement on Monday. SEIU Local 26 President Javier Morillo-Alicea, the former First Lady of Minnesota Jane Freeman, and other civic and community leaders will speak at the event.

More than 1,800 citizens, Minnesota elected officials, and community leaders already joined the campaign as public supporters. This is an unprecedented demonstration of momentum nine months from Election Day. Following his announcement Ritchie will go on a week-long statewide tour to meet with supporters, news publications, election officials, and area leaders.

WHO: Voter rights leader and local non-profit president Mark Ritchie
SEIU Local 26 President Javier Morillo-Alicea
Former First Lady of Minnesota Jane Freeman
Other voting rights and statewide leaders to be announced soon

WHAT: Mark Ritchie Announces Candidacy for Minnesota Secretary of State

WHEN: February 6, 2005 at 10:30 AM

WHERE: Inside the Capitol Hill Rotunda in St. Paul

Sandra K. Boone
Mark Ritchie for Secretary of State
Cell Phone: 952-334-2079

I've met Mark Ritchie at the open house for the Theodore Wirth house event fall. Mary Kiffmeyer is very vulnerable. Even many Republicans are tired of her antics.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Stonewall Endorsements - Chapter Two

Hennepin County Attorney - I attending screening meetings with Mike Freeman and Andy Luger. Both did well. As I sat and listened, I thought, there really shouldn't be a DFL or Republican way to do this job. Mr. Luger was able to muster up some more ideological zeal, and it was effective. Both were deemed acceptable, and Mr. Luger got the endorsement, in the hope he represents a new generation of DFL elected leadership.

Ramsey County Attorney - Susan Gaertner and Cory Tennison were screened and found acceptable. The incumbent was endorsed, basically because she is doing a good job, and she cited unfinished business she wants to complete during her screening interview.

Minneapolis School Board - okay, everybody breathe. This screening was done prior to today's convention. According to Alan Hooker, 5 strong new candidates were considered. 4 of the 7 seats are up for election this year. The screening committee found all 5 acceptable, and recommended endorsing 4 of them. After a long discussion about incumbents Judy Farmer and Joe Erickson, the voting body agreed to table the endorsement. Judy Farmer has been endorsed in the past, but didn't turn in a questionaire this time. Joe Erickson submitted his, but it was late. Some of the members wanted to make allowances for their time being taken up with the Peebles disaster (my word choice). It was hard for me to not talk during this discussion .... Susan Gaertner showed up and followed the process, and she has been prosecuting a highly charged, very visible first degree murder case.

Also I don't know anything about the four recommended candidates (Jill Davis, Tom Madden, Polly Harrison Townsend or Pam Constain), but I'm personally hoping for a strong anti-incumbency wind to blow through the Minneapolis School Board this fall. These people cannot be held blameless for another expensive, distracting scandal.

Hennepin County Commissioner - District 2 This is Mark Stenglein's seat. Greg Grey (Gray?) was screened, found acceptable and endorsed. This screening didn't happen today, and Mr. Grey wasn't at today's meeting.

Hennepin County Commissioner - District 3 Incumbent Gail Dorfman was found acceptable and endorsed.

Ramsey County SWCD 4 - one candidate was considered, and was not found to be acceptable or endorsed. His qualifications for the job were unclear

Minnesota House District 64A - this is Matt Entenza's seat. No fewer than 5 candidates were considered, 3 of whom were at Sunday's meeting. All 5 candidates were deemed acceptable. Erin Murphy was endorsed after much discussion and parliamentary procedure.

Stonewall also does something called 'expedited screening' for incumbents who have previously passed muster. A complete list of acceptable candidates will be put on their website in the near future. Only three people were named with this designation today, Karen Clark, Linda Higgins and Keith Ellison.

It will be interesting to see how overall party endorsements line up with Stonewall.

Convening and Screening - a Sunday afternoon with the Stonewall DFL (Part 1)

Okay, first here is what wasn't visible or talked about at the January 29th endorsing convention:

  • Mike Hatch
  • Attorney General Candidates. You would have never known the office was up for election
  • 6th Congressional District candidates (or any Congressional seat, for that matter)
  • A vast majority of the 201 Legislative seats up for election. One open seat was discussed ad infinitum. 3 were briefly mentioned
  • 5 Hennepin County Commissioner seats

And before I get to the substance of the report, I have to make this personal observation...... It has been a long time since I've been at any kind of official DFL meeting. I couldn't help noting that a reading of an affirmative action statement is part of the agenda. It's like liturgy. What isn't on the agenda is the Pledge of Allegience. Do with that observation what you will....

Okay, now I'll get serious. Stonewall conducted several candidate screenings on Sunday, and had their endorsing convention starting at 4:00 pm. 56 voting members were in attendance. I attended two of the screenings, for US Senate and Hennepin County Attorney. I was impressed by all of the candidates, and the screenings were well managed.

I'll go through the various offices in order of importance:

US Senate - Amy Klobuchar and Ford Bell both appeared for the screenings. I've heard plenty from Klobuchar, but had never seen Ford Bell before. I wouldn't have known who he was. Both did well - I noted no major gaffes. The small audience had some interesting observations for the screening committee. It was noted that some of Dr. Bell's answers to questions were more straightforward and transparent than those of the Hennepin County Attorney. She speaks very well, but there were not as many clear yes or no responses. Both candidates were found to be acceptable, and Amy Klobuchar got the endorsement. Reasons cited included electability and fund raising success.

Governor - this screening was on Sunday morning. In attendance were Becky Lourey, Steve Kelley, and Shelia Kiscaden, representing Kelly Doran. Mike Hatch did not respond to the caucus's questionaire, but reportedly sent an envelope full of other printed material. Hmmm.

The screening committee's recommendation was to find all three acceptable, and to endorse Steve Kelley. The reason cited for Kelley's endorsement was that he was committed to abiding by the party's endorsement in the fall. In front of the full voting membership, Kelly Doran was not considered acceptable. Reasons cited were an alleged history of supporting Republican candidates in the past (which is not uncommon for savvy business people like Mr. Doran), and Senator Kiscaden's lack of support for Medicaid funding of gender re-assignments. The voting body took two votes on endorsements, both of which were essentially a tie between Lourey and Kelley. When I left the meeting around 6:20 pm, the sentiment in the room was to not endorse.

Secretary of State - Two new comers stepped up, Christian Sande and Mark Ritchie. Both were deemed acceptable, and Mr. Sande was endorsed. The screening committee's reasons for recommending endorsement were that he demonstrated that he was knowledgable about the job, and he's gay.

State Auditor - Rebecca Otto and Reggie Edwards participated in Sunday screening sessions. I chose the US Senate screening over this one, but did listen to the follow up discussion from the audience. I also talked to somebody who had listened to the screenings. Both candidates were deemed acceptable, and Reggie Edwards got the endorsement. I spoke with him in the hallway between meetings. He works in the public sector now, and is knowledgable about finance and budgets. He's truly interested in being an auditor. Rebecca Otto doesn't have any specific qualifications for this job. Her House vote in favor of the Bachmann amendment was noted, and her explanation was political expediency. She didn't want her next campaign for the House seat to be about gay marriage. Well, it didn't help her. I'm glad the members of Stonewall saw through this sham. During the voting with the full body, I did notice that some well known DFL office holders were supporting her endorsement.

I'll do a second message about the other offices that were considered.

Market Research on Intelligent Design Creationism

PZ Myers among others got a survey about Intelligent Design. He makes short work of it.

He didn't mention the blog it's coming from.

Hatch Misses Another Candidate Forum

The Drama Queen has the story.

Is Hatch too chicken to debate other Democrats? Hatch has no problems going to Labor Screenings - and he AG office employees accompany him to the screenings.

I met Kelly Doran for the first time at the Minnesota Women's Political Caucus Annual Meeting yesterday. Becky Lourey and Sheila Kiscaden both spoke at the meeting.

I also met "Cubby", Nick Coleman's radio sidekick. He told me all the stories I heard about Janet Robert were true.

Anoka Stadium Boondoggle

From the No Stadium Tax Elist:

[NoStadiumTax] New tactic - E-mail list to all elected Anoka County Officials Inbox

Dann Dobson to Bruce, Tony, john, Ronald, John, john, Will ...
More options 12:38 pm (4 hours ago)

While drafting a memo to Bruce today about the actual cost of a new Vikings Stadium in Anoka County, and how Ziggy will be able to cover his $280 million with the sale of PSL's, Personal Seat Licenses, I was surprised by some of the figures.

I was surprised to actually see Ziggy essentially can pay most or all his "contribution" with the sale of PSL's and possibly make a profit of over $40 million dollars. I then wondered how many citizens or elected officials have even heard this.

Yesterday we were talking about contacting the various City Council and Township members in Anoka County before we go before them with resolutions. I think this may be too late. Why not contact them all NOW and educate them about the real cost of a stadium in Anoka County? I am already distributing the No Stadium Tax Newsletter to all of the House members, it wouldn't be that difficult to distribute it to all of the elected officials in Anoka County.

I thought PSL's and Ziggy's contribution would be a good one to start with.

I pulled together a list of all of the communities, and possibly more in Anoka County from the web. I believe Mary Capra said there were 21 cities. According to various websites I found, the most inclusive being names/, I found 35 communities / townships in Anoka County.

It would be super if someone could even get me all or some of the e-ddresses of the City Council and township members in Anoka. The top 21 cities would probably be easiest. I figure the number is between 120 and 140 names and e-ddresses, at 5 to 7 members per body and 21 bodies.

Here are the communities that I have thus far:

Circle Pines
Columbia Heights
Coon Creek
Coon Lake Beach
Coon Rapids
Coppers Corners
East Bethel
Ham Lake
Lake Netta
Lino Lakes
Martin Lake
Oak Grove
Oak Park
Saint Anthony
Saint Francis
Spring Lake Park
Thompson Heights
Thompson Riverview Terrace


Dann Dobson

Good points.