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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mike Hatch's Arrogance and Problems

Craig Cox discusses the issue on Minnesota Monitor.

Hatch's Double Standard.

With recent polls showing Mike Hatch in a virtual dead-heat with Gov. Tim Pawlenty, DFLers are probably not going to argue with the attorney general’s election campaign, but there are serious questions about Hatch's commitment to the party after he refused to have DFL sample ballots printed for the primary, apparently because his choice for attorney general, Lori Swanson, was not on the ticket.

The DFL-endorsed AG candidate, Steve Kelley, reportedly was not pleased with Hatch's work on behalf of Swanson, which clearly had an effect on Kelley's disappointing primary performance. But DFL loyalists remain true to Hatch nonetheless - a fact I'd suggest is mostly due to the party’s long absence from the governor’s office. Indeed, according to one insider in the Becky Lourey campaign, those loyalists dispatched "a lot of very ugly mail" to Lourey, taking her to task for not supporting the DFL's endorsed candidate.

Given Hatch's lack of party loyalty over the years, the double standard he and his supporters are practicing is particularly ironic. And it could end up hurting him in the November election. A Lourey campaign source told me that a lot of Minneapolis progressives are looking elsewhere for someone to support for governor. "I think Mike Hatch is going to have trouble with progressives," he said.

Hatch's support at the convention were mostly paid to be there by the unions. He doesn't have volunteer support.

I've pointed out frequently, that Hatch has some real challenges with getting gay support.

Upcoming Edwatch Freak Show

For Immediate Release Contact: Julie Quist
Friday, September 15, 2006 952-361-4931

International Baccalaureate, Early Childhood, Mental Health Screening and More

A national education conference addressing what's dangerous about the International Baccalaureate curriculum, why universal preschool is a bad idea, and how mental health screening for all is being incorporated into education outcomes will be held Friday evening, October 13th, and Saturday, Saturday, October 14th until 4:00 p.m at the Embassy Suites Airport Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Radio talk show host Jason Lewis will be the guest speaker at the opening banquet on Friday night, to discuss state and local politics today. Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America will be the Saturday luncheon speaker on how universal mental health screening is becoming a real threat to 2nd amendment rights.

EdWatch is a national education-focused, grassroots non-profit organization that is challenging federally funded textbooks and curriculum that undermines America's founding principles. International Baccalaureate is being adopted in schools in every state, and few lawmakers or citizens are aware of its dangers. EdWatch is also challenging the right of state and federal governments to universally screen K-12 students, preschoolers, infants and adults for mental health.

According to Karen R. Effrem, MD, "Universal mental health screening is controversial for its vague, subjective, unscientific labeling, and for its common referrals for dangerous and ineffective psychotropic drugs."

"Federal funding and policies are driving the creation of systems in every state that will screen all citizens for mental health, beginning at birth," Effrem continued. "Pharmaceutical industry influences are playing a key role in planning these state systems, and teh drug industry has a financial self interest in mental health screening. It is experiencing huge profits as a result of increased mental health screeing policies, and this is only the beginning." Dr. Effrem will also be presenting at the EdWatch conference.

Carol White, who heads the group African Americans Concerned Together in north Minneapolis, will describe the role of the university community in using minorities as guinea pigs for mental health research. She will describe the battle of north side parents to protect their children from unwanted mental health research and from addressing issues of crime, drugs and low performance as mental health issues.

Student discounts as well as continuing education credits for Minnesota teachers will be available. Call EdWatch at 952-361-4931 or register on-line at

Minnetonka's infamous creationist former school board member will be speaking about the IB program after Allen Quist. Quist will give his words of wisdom on:

"How International Baccalaureate undermines American Citizenship"

Dave Eaton,
Former school board member

"One District's Experience with IB: Costs & Curriculum"

Reporters who cover this conference might want to call residents in Upper St Clair, Pennsylvania to find out what they think about Allen Quist.

DME Could Torpedo Gil Gutnecht's Campaign

Check out the YouTube video showing Gil Gutnecht giving lame answers.

In his town hall column, David Strom writes about the problem.

What if I told you that right now the federal government is considering making the largest loan guarantee in its history to a private company - a loan that dwarfs the size of the Chrysler bailout in its scope - and yet almost nobody has ever heard a word about this plan?

It sounds incredible, but unfortunately it is true. And in my mind, it is a prime example of what is wrong with the way that Congress spends your money.

Back in 1979, when Congress was considering extending loan guarantees to bail out Chrysler Corporation, there were vigorous debates about the propriety of such a large-scale government intervention into the marketplace. The size of the loan guarantees - $1.5 billion - was unprecedented at the time. It wasn’t until the federal government stepped in to help the airline industry after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 that there was such a large-scale government bailout.

But today, in a world where dead-of-night earmarking can move billions of dollars in Federal spending, a $2.3 billion loan to a struggling railroad can pass Congress without a moment's scrutiny or debate.

Read the whole thing.

Interview with Ann DeGroot on the OutFront and HRC PACs

Outfront's PAC, Outfront Action has raised $2000.00 this year. They are focused on legislative races and not looking at county commissioner races.

Outfront has sent out questionaires to all the legislative candidates. A staffer is following up with candidates to make sure they submit answers. They are also looking at the Judicial candidates.

PAC board members are (party affiliations identified by me):

Ann DeGroot, Chair (DFL)
Lynn Moline, Treasurer (Unsure)
Eileen Scallen (DFL)
Amelious White (unsure)
Javiar Morillo (DFL)
Amy Finken (unsure)
Alan Spear (DFL)

Endorsements are based on:
1. answers to questions.
2. legislative record (if available)
3. press on candidate on gay issues (if available)
4. viability

I hope that board members of this PAC asked Hatch to respond to his previous anti-gay record:

1994: Hatch Rejected Opportunity To Appear Before Minnesota Lesbian/Gay DFL Caucus. "Hatch's troubles began when he rejected the opportunity to appear at a Jan. 22 candidate forum sponsored by the Minnesota Lesbian/Gay DFL Caucus. Every declared DFL candidate for governor attended the candidate screening except Hatch. In declining the invitation, he criticized the group's newsletter for using the word 'queer' and for what he misperceived as the group's top priority - repeal of the sodomy laws." (Editorial, "Hatch's Zeal - Double-Edged Rhetoric On The Gay Issue," Star Tribune, March 14, 1994)

1994: Hatch Accused Minnesota Lesbian/Gay DFL Caucus Of "Pandering." "After the caucus endorsed John Marty, Hatch falsely accused the group of political 'pandering' by sending a letter opposing his candidacy to party activists. 'It's hard to keep focused with the increasing demands of pressure groups who hold candidates hostage to their particular interests,' Hatch said in a Feb. 2 letter to the gay caucus." (Editorial, "Hatch's Zeal - Double-Edged Rhetoric On The Gay Issue," Star Tribune, March 14, 1994)

1994: Star Tribune Editorial Criticized Hatch's "Double-Edged Rhetoric On The Gay Issue." "Gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch can't have it both ways. On one hand Hatch is sending critical, even strident, messages to gays, lesbians and their supporters. On the other hand, Hatch says he wants to be their friend. he flip-flop might be understandable if Hatch's chief motivation for harsh criticism of a gay political group was to foster greater unity within the DFL Party. However, his verbal and written lashings seem to have no more noble purpose than inciting Minnesotans who dislike gays and lesbians to support his candidacy. In manipulating gay rights supporters, Hatch's zeal to capture the moderate-to-conservative political ground of the DFL Party reveals a weakness that may in the end cost him dearly." (Editorial, "Hatch's Zeal - Double-Edged Rhetoric On The Gay Issue," Star Tribune, March 14, 1994 )

Ann says that Outfront is working with America Votes and America Coming Together as a coalition for this falls elections. These are both liberal coalitions - and Ann acknowledged this. I asked whether she has gone to Chamber of Commerce events, and she said that she has not. I have a follow up email to Ann asking her what Outfront hopes to get in return for being part of these coalitions. Outfront's participation in these groups also hurts Outfront's standing with Republicans. OutFront is the only GLBT advocacy organization in the state, so why is Outfront lending their name and reputation as a bi-partisan organization to a coalition of liberal groups?

I'll have more when I get some answers to my follow up questions.

HRC has also registered a Minnesota PAC. The officers are all from Washington. Ann says this PAC was about GOTV organizing in the GLBT community. It has nothing to do with screening, or providing useful information about candidates.

Ann told me that Mike Hatch has reached out to her privately - and requested a meeting with her. Tim Pawlenty has refused to meet with OutFront. I don't defend that, but when Outfront has a lobbyist who is ED of the Minneasota Alliance for Progressive Action, and when Outfront is part of the America Votes leftwing coalition, that makes it seem to Pawlenty's office that there is no point to meeting with Outfront, because these are all liberals. I have no desire to be on Outfront's board or PAC board, but I do wish they would find some alternative voices who would raise these points. The gay community cannot afford a liberal only coalition strategy. This helps the DFL, but hurts gays.

As Lloydletta's Nooz reported earlier, Stonewall DFL declined to endorse Mike Hatch. After Hatch got endorsed by the DFL, Stonewall was in a pickle. It will be interesting to see what Outfront Action will do. Ann told me that some of the endorsements were contentious - and there are internal disputes about whether or not to endorse the constitutional officers. Peter Hutchinson is clearly better than Mike Hatch on the gay issues, and Outfront has a history of doing multiple endorsements, so a Hatch endorsement, without endorsing Hutchinson also, would open them to criticism about whether they are really representing gays, or are they a pawn of the Democrats. They will be having a meeting on Tuesday to discuss constitutional officer endorsements. I think that meeting will be quite interesting. It's probably as interesting as the Stonewall DFL meeting when they decided to take a pass on endorsing Mike Hatch.

Ann told me that HRC's "Minnesota PAC" will be working with "America Votes" to Get Out the Gay Vote. This is hardly the action of a "non-partisan" organization. Will HRC's organizers be informing gay voters of the anti-gay votes and statements by Democrats? Will HRC with their federal organizers be informing gays that Collin Peterson was the original co-sponsor of the Federal Bachmann Amendment, and has told HRC lobbyists that he doesn't believe gays live in his district?

UPDATE: Ann DeGroot commented -

In response to the blog post of September 25th, 2006, I’d like to offer some additional information and clarification.

1) OutFront Minnesota Action is bound by state law to work on particular races. It can work on legislative, judicial and county races, but not federal races. This year, the PAC is putting most of its energy into legislative races.

2) Anyone interested in who the PAC endorses can visit the OutFront Minnesota Action web site To date, the PAC has not yet endorsed candidates but expects to do so soon.

3) The original post states that OutFront Minnesota Action has raised $2,000 but does not give the purpose of those funds. OutFront Minnesota Action has raised funds for expenses such as mailing questionnaires to candidates, publishing a voter's guide, and organizing work on behalf of endorsed candidates. These expenses are in accordance with state law.

4) The original post states that "The gay community cannot afford a liberal only coalition strategy. This helps the DFL, but hurts gays." OutFront Minnesota Action is designed to help support those candidates whose positions and voting records most closely align with public policy which protects GLBT people against discrimination, and furthers GLBT people's rights in living the lives they choose to live - as individuals, couples, and families. Efforts by the PAC itself, as well as membership in any coalition, are designed to further this goal.

OutFront Minnesota Action will consider endorsing any candidate whose policy positions are consistent with issues of fairness and equality for the GLBT community.

5) While OutFront Minnesota is familiar with the HRC PAC, the best source of information about that effort is HRC itself.

Ann M. DeGroot
Executive Director
OutFront Minnesota
Ann DeGroot

Is this Election Really About Bloggers?

The Drama Queen gives quite the radio show promo.

This has been a very educational week of blogging. I've witnessed the "win at all costs" and "the ends justify the means" mentality of the liberal blogoshere in full force:

*********breathless huffing and puffing (in the tradition of Peter LaBarbara visiting International Mr Leather or Steamworks and reporting on what goes on)*******

I'll be discussing the tactics of liberal bloggers on the radio tomorrow with King Banaian of SCSU Scholars on AM 1280 The Patriot.

P.S. My comments have now been "flagged" as spam on DFL Senate. Two can play that game, but I won't. Comments from liberals are always welcomed on Minnesota Democrats Exposed.

P.S.S. Rew saved the day and my comments are allowed again on DFL Senate. Spam filters can be tricky and my comments were being blocked due to my frequent posts.

I think Jimbo comes out swinging:

Ah Michael - just remember what your mother always said, if you blog too much like this, you'll go blind.

Comment by Jimbo — September 22, 2006 @ 9:34 pm

And Mark hits the nail on the head.

# And let's not forget - this election is really about bloggers and their behavior.

I guarantee you - I could sit in a Perkins restaurant in Fergus Falls, Mankato, Moorhead, Duluth, etc. and try to explain these Chicken Little dramas to Minnesotans trying to eat their omelets, and I'd get a lot of blank stares.

We're not voting for bloggers.

Comment by Mark — September 22, 2006 @ 10:07 pm

Mark writes for this site (Mark H). He's nailed it on the Drama Queen's comment thread.

And very strangely enough, the Strib is improving their website. They've got comment threads on many of the important candidate debates. I hope they do debate summaries on county commissioner debates if there are any.

What's going on with the Attorney General race?

Why isn't Jeff Johnson doing better in the polls? Is he still struggling with name ID?

Of all the Republicans running this year, Mr. Johnson and Pat Anderson (State Auditor) stand the best chance of getting my vote.

With all of the trouble the DFL had just coming up with a nominee, and with the years of ill will built by Mike Hatch in the AG's office, I would have hoped this was an easy, well-deserved win for the GOP.

Unfortunately, Ron Carey and his uber-blogger sidekick, Michael Brodkorp, use up all of the steam and attention on efforts that are likely to fail - namely the 5th CD, and the US Senate seat. Ron Carey should stop doing Chicken-Little toned press conferences to complain that the DFL isn't following his instructions, and start talking up the good candidates who could use some support.

Lefty and Right Blogs have been going on about the Bloggergate Story

Craig Westover has been parroting the Drama Queen on this issue. As Mark H astutely pointed out in our comments - this is an inside baseball, and why should any voter care?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

More on the Noah Kunin Hacked the Kennedy Media Consultant's Poorly Secured Website Flap

The Drama Queen has regular updates on the topic. This story is also on print and broadcast media.

The breach of security was NOT on Kennedy's campaign website, it was on his media consultant's website (who implemented poor security measures). So why did the Kennedy campaign do this? DFL Senate investigates.

Fecke comments more.

Exactly. I don't blame the Kennedy campaign, mind you, for trying to make something out of nothing. But there's an art to stringing this out, folks. If your site had been the one "hacked" and not the Scott Howell site - or if you'd taken down the contributions page–or the blog - or if you'd actually taken the time to actually take down pages instead of faking it - then this might be cause for further sympathy.

But I can tell you, watching WCCO tonight, they made darn sure to note that the contributions page was still up. And I can guarantee you that nobody missed the implication: this is a ploy.

No, this is the moment at which the Kennedy campaign has overplayed the sympathy card. Yeah, it sucks that your ad was swiped, but the Klobuchar campaign didn't have to tell you - and a less ethical campaign wouldn't have. Circle the wagons, turn on the red lights on KvM, but this is already about over as a story, and by the weekend it will be all but forgotten.

Here's my free advice to the Mark Kennedy campaign. Start explaining why you are a better candidate than Amy Klobuchar, and don't waste time on these endless distractions. You are behind in the polls, but run a credible campaign - and people will respect you - win or lose. If you employ people who pull these sorts of stunts, you are going to lose most people's respect when you lose the election.

And don't think that stuff like putting redirects on your website to fake taking the site down will get undetected by a community of tech savy people (which is what bloggers are).

Too bad, so sad, for the Minnesota Family Council

Campaign flier could hurt 2 nonprofits' status
The groups sent a mailing to Brainerd-area voters touting a "clear choice" between a gay senator and his challenger in the primary election two weeks ago.
Conrad Defiebre, Star Tribune

Two affiliated Minnesota groups that oppose same-sex marriage could face the loss of their nonprofit tax status and postage privileges for sending voters a politically-tinged mailing during a hotly contested legislative primary election, but the groups say their actions were legal.
Washington, D.C.-based Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed complaints Thursday with federal authorities over a "Special Primary Edition" of the Pro-Family News, published by the Minnesota Family Council and the Minnesota Family Institute.

The mailing, sent to voters in the Brainerd area, reported the support of openly gay state Sen. Paul Koering, R-Fort Ripley, for same-sex civil unions and his election opponent's opposition. It added: "GOP primary voters have a clear choice between a candidate who supports gay civil unions and one who is committed to protecting marriage."

Koering took 55 percent of the vote Sept. 12 to gain the Republican nomination over Brainerd City Council Member Kevin Goedker.

The complaints contend that the mailing violated nonprofit restrictions against electioneering, because it identified the candidates, implied a preference for Goedker, was delivered close to election day and highlighted an important issue in the primary contest.

"The real meaning of that mailing was 'vote for the other guy,' " Koering said Thursday.

The complaints went to the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Postal Service. Melanie Sloan, executive director of the Washington organization, called for the IRS to revoke the Family Institute's tax-exempt status "before it engages in additional campaign activity."

Tom Prichard, president of both family groups, replied that the mailing was cleared by an attorney as perfectly legal.

"We didn't engage in express advocacy," he said. "It's educating the voters. This is just another national organization attempting to intimidate us from engaging in free speech."

Lloydletta adds: We published an exclusive of scans of the flyer at Lloydletta's Nooz last week. Keep it here to be kept in the loop on breaking news before the mainstream media picks up on it.

Alan Fine Promotes Olson and Zimmermann's PRT Boondoggle

As Dean Zimmermann awaits sentencing for his bribery conviction and his erstwhile PRT pod partner Rep. Mark Olson awaits the judgement of the House District 16b electorate, I continue to be amazed that candidates and parties continue to promote Zimmerman and Olson's bogus PRT boondoggle.

I was surprised to learn a while back that the Independence Party had a plank in its platform promoting PRT. This blog challenged the IP candidates to explain whether they too supported PRT. John Binkowski and Robert Fitzgerald both promptly let us know that they rejected PRT.

Today I received word that the IP candidate for the 5th District Congressional race Tammy Lee is not a PRTista. This is her statement:

I am for balancing the budget and funding the priorities we have already committed to in the area of transportation. Before switching horses (or pods) mid-stream, we need to finish funding our commitment to light rail and make that more accessible for more people.

Tammy Lee's rejection of her party's PRT plank reinforces my opinion that she is a thoughtful and decisive candidate for the office.

I decided to check the other third party candidate Jay Pond's web site to see if he was a PRTista like some others in the Green Party and saw no evidence of gadgetbahning.

I also checked Keith Ellison's campaign site and there too I found no indication that he supported PRT. However, Keith Ellison was one of only three DFLers who voted for Mark Olson's idiotic PRT amendment to the bonding bill in 2005. Elllison didn't make that mistake this year when Olson tried again and the amendment went down to defeat. I can forgive Ellison for his 2005 mistake... quite a few DFL legislators were fooled by the PRT promoters back then. I'm voting for Ellison in November.

Moving on to Republican Alan Fine... here's what Fine says on his web site:

Broader light rail expansion and/or the incorporation of new concepts like “Skyweb Express” should be considered.

First, Skyweb Express isn't a concept. Skyweb Express is another name for the moribund Taxi 2000 Corporation which hasn't posted anything new on its website's news page since 2004.

What's "fiscally prudent" about funding a Nixon-era concept that's wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars over the last thirty years?

Alan Fine... new member of the PRT Pod Squad.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kiffmeyer Watch Blog Started

Here. She provides plenty of material.

Mystery Solved?

That was quick.

Another Blog Whodunnit

The Drama Queen is in the thick of it and posts the AP story.

In a prepared statement, Klobuchar campaign manager Ben Goldfarb said that communications director Tara McGuinness last Saturday was contacted by a local blogger who sent her a link to the Kennedy ad.

"The blogger indicated to Ms. McGuinness that he had gained access to the advertisement by use of passwords,'' Goldfarb said in the statement. "Exercising poor judgment, Ms. McGuinness opened the link, watched the advertisement and asked others on our campaign to watch it."

Goldfarb went on to say that Klobuchar, the Hennepin County attorney, directed him to report the incident to federal law enforcement for review. He didn't immediately return a phone call from The Associated Press seeking more information.

"What happened here was wrong,'' Klobuchar said in her own statement. "By reporting the blogger's activities and this incident to law enforcement, we are doing the right thing."

Klobuchar also apologized to Kennedy and his campaign.

A spokeswoman for the Kennedy campaign had no immediate response.

McGuinness did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

There are regular breathless updates on the Drama Queen's site. Jeff Fecke from the Blog of the Moderate Left asks who is the mole?

Fecke speculates:

I’m not going to speculate on who it could be, other than to note that this is someone with contacts in the Kennedy campaign. It’s not necessarily a lefty, though it certainly could be.

FWIW, also issuing a denial is Michael Brodkorb (while simultaneously insulting yours truly); no, I didn’t really think it was him, but you’ve got to admit that would have made a great story.

The MN Publius bloggers specifically say this was not them.

Developing. . .

More Kudos: Julie Risser Rejects Personal Rapid Transit

Julie Risser sent us the following message:

After researching PRT, reading the Sierra Club's position and the Transit for Livable Communities' website, I have come to the conclusion that PRT is not viable for Minnesota. Minnesota has made a committment to lightrail. We need to continue this committment. The Southwest Corridor is a logical continuation of the lightrail network. We also need to continue our committments to bike paths, side walks, and buses. The Twin Cities is decades behind other metro areas in terms of transit.

I think it shows a lot of courage and strength of character for a candidate to change their opinion on an issue during an election. It is a very rare candidate that can do that... Julie Risser has my respect and admiration for studying this issue and and reconsidering her position.

Kudos to IP Candidate Robert Fitzgerald for Rejecting IPs "Personal Rapid Transit" Plank

Last Saturday, Eva Young challenged Independence Party candidates to state whether they approved of the plank supporting Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) in the IP platform:

Avidor raises a good point when he suggests that IP candidates should be asked whether they support or oppose this particular IP platform plank. Peter Hutchinson, John Binkowski, Tammy Lee, Robert Fitzgerald et al, please step up to the plate and explain.

Well, Robert Fitzgerald stepped up to the plate and hit PRT out of the ballpark. From the Strib's notes on the third candidate debate for U.S. Senate:

"Lighter moment: Fitzgerald said he opposed government subsidization of personal rapid transit, when asked to cite a major difference with his party."

I'm sure most people in the audience must have wondered what Fitzgerald was talking about. PRT is not an issue in the Senate race. As far as I know, the only candidate in the Senate race who promotes PRT is Michael Cavlan of the Green Party. Cavlan was was not included in the Senate debate.

John Binkowski, IP candidate for the 6th Congressional District has written to Lloydletta that he also rejects PRT. I was disapointed that neither Binkowski or Wetterling challenged Bachmann in the Sixth District debates on her sponsoring legislation and promoting PRT with Dean Zimmermann (Zimmermann was convicted of soliciting and accepting bribes in August). Bachmann's promotion of PRT, a controversial and unproven transportation concept is her Achilles' heel. Unlike Bachmann's other wedge issues, PRT is not mentioned in the Bible... nor is PRT part of the no-new-taxes right-wing agenda. David Strom, for instance has stated his opposition to PRT on his radio show.

There is still time for Wetterling and Binkowski to ask Bachmann why she promoted and sponsored legislation for Dean Zimmermann and Mark Olson's PRT boondoggle.

I would also like to see the media to investigate why Bachmann, Olson, Vandeveer and Zimmermann promoted PRT instead of treating the issue as a "lighter moment".

A few years ago, there was nothing "light" about the disruptive tactics PRT supporters used to stop rail transit in Minnesota and elsewhere.

Many rail transit advocates remember when PRT supporters used to disrupt meetings about transit. In one memorable encounter, a deranged man interrupted an art workshop my wife and I were giving at Macalester College, shouting that PRT is the “only transportation solution", threw a dozen Taxi 2000 Corporation brochures at us and stormed out.

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jason Lewis Got a Call Today.....

Asking about his military background. Jason wasn't particularly happy with the call. The person used the term chickenhawk.

Breaking Nooz! Pat Spellacy is Leaving the University!

Pat is my boss. If you know Pat, stop by his going away party.

Breaking News! Pat Spellacy Going Away Party at Grandmas!

After 24 years at the University of Minnesota and 12 at the Legislative Auditor's Office, Pat Spellacy and his wife Linda are heading to the warmth of Arizona.

A celebration is being planned at Grandma's Saloon and Grill on Friday, September 29th from 4-7. See this web site
for details.

Pat once took my co-worker and myself for a celebratory lunch in downtown Minneapolis. After lunch, we were given swisher sweet cigars to smoke - and we mugged before a camera.

Pat's corn beef and cabbage on the 6th floor of the West Bank Office Building was legendary.

I'd like to get the tributes and kudos Pat is getting when I retire from the University.

Mark Your Calendars

Tim Pawlenty (R)

Mike Hatch (D)

Peter Hutchinson (I)
Wednesday, September 27, 7:00 p.m.
Ted Mann Concert Hall, 2128 Fourth St. S.
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

MFC/MFI Mailing

I posted earlier about an anti-gay hit piece that went out to attack Paul Koering just before the primary. The piece only had information about the Republican primary, and didn't have any information about the Democratic candidate. This piece also didn't seem to ask each candidate the same questions for information. That's not really a voter guide.

Now Andy from Eleventh Avenue South has more on the tax laws involved.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Candidate Questionaire Sent to 6th District Candidates

Hello candidates:

I am going to do a story on the 6th district and issues of concern to
the Gay community on Lloydletta's Nooz.

1. I'd like to know whether if elected, you would sign on to the bi-partisan bill introduced by Congressman Meehan to allow gay service members to serve openly. Jim Kolbe, Christopher Shays and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen have signed on to this bill.

2. Would you support or oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment (which bans both gay marriage and also civil unions, and could undermine domestic partner benefits in the public sector or public Universities, such as the University of Minnesota)?

3. Would you support or oppose a court stripping bill, introduced by John Hostetler from Indiana? This bill would remove jurisdiction of the courts to rule on the Defense of Marriage Act.

The court stripping issue gets into a candidate's general views on how the separation of powers should work. Court stripping legislation is designed to remove courts from reviewing legislation. Do you think legislation passed by congress should be imune from being found unconstitutional in the courts? Was Marbury v Madison wrongly decided?

4. Will your campaign be making any efforts to do outreach to gays in your district?

I will be sending similar questionaires to all Minnesota Congressional districts. This was sent to Patty Wetterling, Michele Bachmann and John Binkowski. The results will be published on Lloydletta's Nooz.

U. S. House 6th District
Michele Bachmann (R)

Patty Wetterling (D)
Thursday, September 21st, 7:00 p.m.
Woodbury, Woodbury Amphitheater

I encourage readers to bring these questions with you to debates and get all candidates on the record on these issues in a public forum.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

What a waste of bits

This came from the Klobuchar campaign:


In 2004 Mark Kennedy launched a series of negative attacks on his opponent, Patty Wetterling, that were called "fiercely negative" and "mean spirited." Now, Mark Kennedy is at it again, launching the first negative attack ads of the 2006 Senate campaign cycle.

Ben Goldfarb, Amy Klobuchar's campaign manager responded to Kennedy's slash and burn ads:

"Kennedy can't run on his record so he is doing what he always does -- launch fiercely negative slash and burn personal attacks."

"Kennedy is pushing these intensely negative ads to try to distract Minnesotans from his own record in Congress of putting the wishes of George Bush, the Republican leadership and Washington’s most powerful special interests ahead of the people of Minnesota."

"These attack ads are only going to convince the people of this state that they have had enough of this Washington insider. People are ready for a candidate like Amy Klobuchar, someone offering a new direction and the ability to stand up and get something done in Washington. Mark Kennedy has shown, once again, that he has nothing to offer but more of the same."


Pot. Kettle. Black.