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Thursday, November 23, 2006

America's Funniest Cat Video

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Peter Leather Boy LaBarbara at it again


NAPERVILLE, IL—Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera today called on the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) to rescind its “sexual orientation” policy as inconsistent with the GOP’s professed pro-family values, and said pro-“gay” Political Correctness contributed to Sen. George Allen’s narrow loss for re-election in Virginia.

LaBarbera also called on all homosexual staff in both major parties to be open about their lifestyle in the interest of full disclosure to the public and each Member’s constituents.

Allen’s defeat—after failing to strongly embrace Virginia’s successful marriage amendment—led to the GOP’s loss of the Senate. Allen is widely reported to have homosexual staff. Jay Timmons, a senior Allen aide and former director of the NRSC, is among those being targeted for “outing” by homosexual bloggers, as is Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman.

“In recent weeks, homosexual activists have sought to ‘out’ various high-level GOP staffers and leaders as homosexuals, to highlight their hypocrisy in working for a socially conservative party,” LaBarbera said. “Now we in the pro-family movement are calling for full disclosure for a different reason: because homosexual GOP staff and pro-‘gay’ policies in the party are undermining the wholesome values Republicans say they support.”

Noting that the homosexual newspaper Washington Blade reported in 2004 that the NRSC has a nondiscrimination policy based on “sexual orientation,” LaBarbera said:

“Who knew that the Republican Party committee responsible for electing senators across the country has embraced the exact same pro-homosexual ‘orientation’ policy that social conservatives have been fighting for decades?” Due to the Mark Foley scandal, social conservatives are learning about the existence of a network of homosexual GOP staffers on Capitol Hill who promote policies antithetical to the party’s stated “family values.”
In 2004, the pro-family group PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays) was outraged when Sen. Allen refused to sign their pledge supporting tolerance for former homosexuals, then went ahead and broke a promise to another pro-family group by backing a pro-“gay” federal “Hate Crimes” bill. Allen also signed a pro-homosexual “nondiscrimination” pledge for his Senate office.

“George Allen’s lukewarm support for Virginia’s marriage amendment cost him his Senate seat,” LaBarbera said. “Now we are left to wonder: did the stealth influence of gay Republican staffers move him toward this course that would ultimately turn the Senate over to the Democrats?”

TAKE ACTION - Call or write the National Republican Senatorial Committee and ask them to rescind their “sexual orientation” policy. Politely tell Sen. Elizabeth Dole, Chairwoman of the NRSC, that such policies advance the agenda of homosexual activists, and that any political party that promotes homosexuality cannot be called “pro-family.” Remind her that pro-”gay” Political Correctness HURT the GOP on Nov. 7th:

Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-N.C.), Chairwoman
National Republican Senatorial Committee
Ronald Reagan Republican Center
425 2nd Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002

I wonder how many calls or emails they are getting. It's funny how John Aravosis and Peter LaBarbara agree on one thing - they don't seem to want gays to be successful and open in the Republican party.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

City Pages Exclusive Interview with Chris Stewart

City Pages emailed me this:

City Pages Exclusive: The Real Chris Stewart

Ever since the day before the election, when he was fingered as the author of an obscure and scabrous satiric website about 5th District US House candidate Tammy Lee, Chris Stewart has been listening to people call for his head. The 38-year-old New Orleans native--a self-described evangelical Christian and classical conservative who sounds nothing like the popular 2006 images of evangelicals or conservatives--came down to the City Pages office on Tuesday morning, November 21, for an interview.

Disco Kitten

Monday, November 20, 2006

Kudos to Mark H at Lloydletta

His post about Chris Stewart made Blog House at the Strib.

One Stewart who shouldn't do satire
Today's lesson: If you're a Stewart running for office, it's best to leave the "satire" to Jon.

Published: November 18, 2006

Today's lesson: If you're a Stewart running for office, it's best to leave the "satire" to Jon.

That's what Minneapolis school board member-elect Chris Stewart is finding out.

In the days before the election, Stewart, a supporter of then-Fifth Congressional District candidate Keith Ellison, launched a website under an alias attacking the Independence Party's candidate, Tammy Lee. He told the Star Tribune that it was nothing more than "jokey conversations among friends." Interesting friends and an interesting sense of humor. The website offered such funny, wacky, zany things as links to the Wikipedia entry for the White Power movement and the Ku Klux Klan and an "endorsement" for the candidate from outgoing Rep. Martin Sabo's district director, Kathleen Anderson, who, according to the website, said, "I'm voting for Tammy Lee because I'm a drunken hag who can't possibly vote for Mandingo."

To quote Johnny Carson, "that is some funny stuff."

Character assassination on the Internet is nothing new. What is new is the assassin winning a seat on the school board.

The website raised some serious question about Stewart's character, according to Kevin Chavis at Minnesota Multipartisan (1). "He claims to want a better Minneapolis, and I hope we all truly do in Minnesota. Our city has residents of all races and backgrounds, most of which Chris seems clueless about. Our democracy is [about more than] one's skin color ... . A better Minneapolis would include the perspective of all these citizens, not a racist viewpoint."

Markh at Lloydletta (2) had a little career advice for Stewart. "In a public school culture where hysterical arguments can break out over Halloween, Christmas, the sexual orientation of a teacher, the book of Genesis as a science text, etc., etc., I find it particularly ironic that the underlying attitudes demonstrated by Mr. Stewart's internet activity can be tolerated in a leadership position. If somebody took a marking pen and wrote what he wrote on a bathroom wall at Washburn High School, all hell would break loose. Resign, Mr. Stewart. If you do not, you contribute one more example to support a growing belief that the Minneapolis School Board is a dead letter office."

It's all Chris Stewart all the time over at the Minneapolis Rumors List.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Will Mary Kiffmeyer run for Mark Olson's Seat?

Avidor has been covering the saga of Mark Olson's arrest - and what's happening in the legislature about it. He that rumor has it, that Mary Kiffmeyer is mentioned as a candidate for the seat.

Avidor has scans of articles about Mark Olson's history of abusiveness with legislative staff.

Check it out on Dump Mark Olson.

Pug Imitates Blender

Youtube is always entertaining.

Target Tries to Defend Efforts to Feed on the Public Trough

Strib in letters:

Target explains request for abatement

In light of Nick Coleman's Nov. 15 column, we feel that your readership deserves to hear the facts and the rationale behind the expansion plans of Target in Brooklyn Park.

Target continues to grow at a rapid pace. This is good news in an era when layoffs and declining corporate performance dominate the headlines. In all, we anticipate a need for several thousand additional team members at our headquarters to support our planned store growth over the next decade. We hope to accommodate that need here in the Twin Cities, though we also have headquarters locations in New York; Tempe, Ariz., and Salt Lake City.

If realized to its fullest potential, this project will provide Hennepin County with a projected additional $300 million in tax income over the next 30 years. Brooklyn Park has agreed to provide this project with an estimated $20 million in tax abatement because the city understands that it is an investment that will yield generous dividends.

We believe Hennepin County shares this vision and understands that only through partnership can a new economic development engine of this magnitude be realized in the Twin Cities metro.

What is lost in Coleman's column is that the proposal includes absolutely no reduction in existing taxes, and thus there is no shifted tax burden for city and county taxpayers to bear. If Target does not build the proposed master plan, there are no new taxes to abate.

Furthermore, the benefit of the abatement would be used to build public infrastructure only. Abatement will not be used to build Target buildings.

The column is also misleading in relation to the types of jobs Target is creating. On average, each of the jobs to be located in Brooklyn Park will pay $50,000 a year, including benefits. Coleman also fails to recognize the reverberating economic impact that Target's investment in the Northern Campus will have on the community and the region. In exchange for the tax abatement, Brooklyn Park will receive $28 million over the next 30 years in new annual tax revenue, plus building fees estimated at $23 million. We will build the infrastructure needed to support this development and will also provide the city, at our expense, a park, space for a police substation, and land for a water tower and a library.

The details surrounding a tax abatement partnership with Hennepin County are being discussed and have yet to be finalized, but the potential benefits of the project to Brooklyn Park, Hennepin County and the entire region are clear and compelling.



People should call their city council person and encourage the City of Minneapolis to pass a resolution opposing this. The City gave Target a huge handout. They moved out of Minneapolis to Brooklyn Center. In the process, they also closed their store on Broadway on the Northside.