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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another Humphrey Institute Student Comments

I am interested in hearing from Humphrey Institute Students who want to talk on the record or on background about this situation. Email me at if you want to discuss this.

As a Humphrey student, I can guarantee that almost NO students will receive solicitations/information from any Republican candidate, simply because Republicans don't really exist at the Humphrey Institute. In fact, Humphrey students took it upon themselves to flood Alan Fine's Carlson School of Business e-mail account and telephone service with e-mails and calls against his campaign and comments on his opponent.

This situation is hardly overblown. In fact, it's an appropriate debate that should be taking place among students and faculty and all others involved at the Institute. People are commenting on a "rat" in the student body. Yet, the freedom to take to the press and issue you feel is compelling or important is the exact reason freedom of speech is guaranteed by out government. Just as Prof. Kenney is allowed (and encouraged, of course) to speak her mind about politics and be involved (we all should involved). However, in her capacity as an educator of politics as a public university, the lines between what is and what is not acceptable are blurred.

It is my personal wish (maybe just because I don't really care which candidates my professors support) that professors stumped for candidates without the additional help of students. I think the decent thing would have been to have Mr. Franken's people contact the Humphrey Institute and figure out a way to make a volunteer or job opportunity posting for all students to be involved in any of his projects preceeding a possible candidacy, instead of having a professor at the Humphrey acting on his behalf. This way, everyone would have won and controversy would have been avoided. It's this type of down-boarding that I hope students will learn through their education.