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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Brian Lambert on Katherine Kertsten and the Strib

The Rake: I don't think she repre

During that race, Power Line and Kersten engaged in a symbiotic dance of predation, attacking DFL nominee Keith Ellison for everything short of selling crack to preschoolers. Follow Power Line regularly and you can't help but be struck by how often Johnson plugs the next day's Kersten column, usually as soon as it appears on the Star Tribune website. Johnson and Kersten have been friends for twenty years, and he usually refers to her as "Kathy" or "our good friend, Kathy." Nor can you miss how often Kersten's column echoes something recently posted on Power Line.

Conservative "pillow talk" is rampant. By my unofficial count as of early December 2006, Kersten had written approximately 135 columns and Power Line had lauded seventy-five of them. There has been no criticism. This coziness of both choice of topic and point of view lends itself to suspicion of a kind of mentor - pupil relationship - a notion that prompts a playful question from Johnson: "And so, which is which?" He goes on to say that "it is true that Kathy has written a number of columns off things she has read on Power Line. But no, there is no 'mentor-pupil' relationship. I don't direct her. I mention her column as often as I do only because I believe what she has written is of interest to a national audience."

I generally don't read Kersten. She reinforces the idea that conservative is synonymous with anti-gay.