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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Craig Westover is Shocked... Shocked

responds to my post about Keith Ellison busting Dennis Prager's chops both in his blog comments and mine.

If it was a "brilliant move" and "busted Prager's chops," then Ellison's critics are right -- Ellison chose the Qur'an not for sincere religious reasons but to get a rise out of conservatives, and he and anyone who sees the situation as an opportunity for vengence deserves the disdain that's been dished out.

As noted, I don't know Ellison's motives, so I can only comment on the action itself, which I think was an elegant combination of personal faith and American tradition. I don't think Eva's comment reflect's that, and it does disservice to any conciliation Ellison might have intended.
Craig Westover

Craig wasn't born yesterday - and he should know that both Dems and Republicans often do things for PR purposes.

I can't speak for Ellison's motives. My impression of Ellison - because I live in his legislative district, is that he is not particularly religious. He is very strong on separation of church and state issues. Ofcourse he did vote in favor of Intelligent Design creationism in public school science classes while he was in the house. He's disavowed that vote when I interviewed him later about it.

Do Craig think Michele Bachmann's praying at the state capitol in front of cameras was an "elegant combination of personal faith and American tradition" - or was it self-serving, narcistic and grandstanding?

Ellison was initially getting bad press when he first came to DC. I thought his skipping Bush's welcoming reception to be tacky to the extreme. Then Prager's column and Virgil Goode changed the subject - and Ellison - rather than getting on television and wrestling with pigs, just stayed above the fray. He avoided interviews initially which built up demands for interviews from the national media, and eventually got opportunities to put out his message in a positive way on CNN and other outlets.