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Friday, January 12, 2007

Drama Queen's Senate District Fined by Campaign Finance Board

MN Publius reports:

38th Senate District RPM Fined by State of MN

* Posted by Jon-David
* January 12, 2007

…for Acceptance of a Contribution from an Unregistered Committee

From the Finding:

There is probable cause to believe that the 38th Senate District accepted a contribution that exceeded $100 from the Swift for City Council Committee, an association that is not registered with the Board, without receiving the required disclosure resulting in a violation of Minnesota Statutes, section 10A.27, subdivision 13. There is no probable cause to believe that this violation was intentional or done with the intent to circumvent the requirements of Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 10A.

Michael Brodkorb agreed to talk to me on the record about the finding. He said that the district had cooperated fully with the investigation, and that he has learned from the experience. The district intends to take responsibility and comply with the ruling. He added that he would remember this and would be "vigilant in watching for this type of violation when exposing democrats."