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Saturday, January 27, 2007

E Democracy Celebration

I went to the E-Democracy Party last night. It appears that there are exciting new things for E-Democracy. Steve Clift has gotten a 3 year fellowship to work full time on E-Democracy related projects - and the E-Democracy board is having a board retreat to discuss future directions for the organization.

I like the E Democracy lists, but have real differences in philosophy with the way David Brauer manages the Minneapolis Issues list. He recently ruled the Target tax abatement as a non-germain issue - even though the issue very much relates to Minneapolis.

I talked to both Tim Erickson and Steve Clift about the mn-politics yahoogroup. I encouraged them to get the list into groupserver, and do some more promotion of the list.

I also saw Paul Kuettel from Wogs Blog. Check out Kuettel's blog. Kuettel writes well about his life. He is seriously ill (liver disease from alcoholism). He told me he has decided he'd rather not live so long and be happy, than live longer and be miserable.

UPDATE: Steve Clift from E-Democracy stopped by and noted that E Democracy has a project blog up.