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Friday, January 05, 2007

Ellison busts Prager's Chops

Craig Westover was happy that Keith Ellison chose Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an for his ceremonial swearing in ceremony.

That Keith Ellison chose a Qur'an once owned by Thomas Jefferson for his ceremonial swearing in.

Grant it, Jefferson had a deist’s skepticism of Islamic dogma. And he did wage America's first undeclared preemptive war against Muslim Barbary pirates. And I can't speak to Ellison’s motives.

Nonetheless, I like the choice of Jefferson’s Qur’an as a third alternative to the Qur'an/Bible much ado about little arguments; it preserves Ellison's desire to honor his religious faith and still acknowledges (albeit in a different way) American tradition. It's the opportunity for conciliation I thought Ellison missed by not using a Bible, but his solution is, I think, more elegant and no less respectful. I'm glad to see he understands tradition, even in the face of inevitable change, is important.

Media Matters is whining about CNN's coverage of this. They provide the CNN video - which shows Ellison swearing on the Quu'ran and shaking Virgil Goode's hand, and I don't understand what they are yapping about.