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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

GLBT Rights: Bend-over and be the DFL's bitch, again.

In the past I, as well as Eva, have passionately spoken out against the DFL when it comes to their double-talk on GLBT rights and equality. During the past legislative sessions the GLBT community applauded the DFL cauccus for stopping the likes of Michele Bachmann and Mary Liz Holberg and their anti-equality legislation. You've given them money, time and your hearts. And how are we repaid? Like a one-night stand. The next morning the DFL told the GLBT activists "thanks, it was a good time. We'll call you tomorrow so we can get together and do somthing." And just like every other one night stand we never hear from them again. Sure, maybe you run into each other every once in a while and have that awkward moment trying to pretend you don't know each other, but that uncomfortable smile still creeps across their face. You pass by each other as if nothing ever happened. Sure, maybe you get together again, but it's only after 2 or 4 years pass and everyone pretends like they don't remember the last time. The cycle continues.

So this year, the DFL took over control of the Minnesota House and Senate. They courted the GLBT community, took our money, walked with us in parades and stood by us at rallies. Perhaps we have a fighting chance of getting some equality in our great state. Hell, even civil unions are a starting point. Is that going to happen? My fellow gays, bend over because here it comes. Apparently not. Minnesota Monitor has reported that Same-sex Marriage, Civil Unions and Domestic Partner Benefits will have low to no priority now that the DFL has control.

Who then can we count upon to hold the legislators and the DFL to task? Perhaps a GLBT rights group would step in and call for accountability? Oh wait, no. From the Minnesota Monitor 'Ann DeGroot, executive director for OutFront Minnesota agreed: "I don't think we are in a place to do that yet." '

Ann, I say grow a pair and do what is right. But no that won't happen. The DFL's GLBT Office of Public Relations (a.k.a. Outfront Minnestoa) has consistently said one thing and then done another. Outfront claims to be fighting for equality and full legal protection but then they aren't willing to get out there and fight for our rights at the legislature. This isn't the first time they have said this either. In October of 2005 I went to an organizational meeting for the OutFront, Together Minnesota!, campaign. At that time a gentleman brought up the question as to why they didn't fight for an equal protection bill. The same line was used by Ann DeGroot who said, "Minnesota isn't ready for that yet."

Well I for one am pissed off, but not just at the DFL and OutFront, but at the other member's of the GLBT community. You will stand up and scream at a Republican or a Conservative who wants to ban gay marriage, but you will sit by, like lap dogs when the DFL says "you aren't important to us." To all of you, I say, you get what you deserve. And you are getting nothing. Perhaps you will learn that you can't allow yourselves to be taken for granted, but I doubt it. I will no longer sit idly by and allow people to have a double standard on this issue. I haven't for a long time. Expect me to be a thorn in your side. Phyllis Kahn and Larry Pogemiller you are my first targets as you represent my House and Senate districts. My bretheren in the GLBT commuity, get off your asses, get angry and get results. If you don't then to you I say again, bend over because you're gonna be fucked at the end of the day.

Eva adds: My thoughts exactly. I would encourage Lloydletta readers to call Outfront Minnesota and ask why they don't have a lobbying agenda now that "our friends" have been elected. The number for Outfront Minnesota is 612-822-0127 and Ann DeGroot's email is Feel free to cc me on your emails (