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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Humphrey Institute Student Responds to the Drama Queen's Story

Hey all,

I'm a Humphrey student and this issue is way overblown. The Humphrey personal listserv is notorious for spam. In the last week alone I have received e-mails for textbooks, people not turning the lights off when they leave a room, a grandmother’s car for sale, and a student sledding event over the weekend. Every weekday I get about 15 listserv e-mails, of which I find about one or two personally useful.

Professor Kenney merely sent out a personal e-mail looking for like-minded individuals. Any student or faculty member can do the same. In fact, I'm sure I'll be receiving e-mails asking for support or interns from all major candidates and political parties. Anyone who wishes to not receive such e-mails, can unsubscribe from the listserv at any time.

Seriously, I'm sure we all have more important things than to hype up this non-issue. Personally, I'm going to read my public finance homework.

Night all.

Comment by theskippy — January 22, 2007

And it looks like Michael Brodkorb ghostwrote the story for Dane Smith at the Star Tribune.