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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Humphrey Students Comment

Um, just to clarify: it's not entirely "on the record" to post an email from a Humphrey student whose name is listed only as "Goldy."

And your offer is not very encouraging to any HHHers like myself who are interested in hashing this entire thing out and being put on the record.

There was no debate at the Humphrey Institute regarding Sally Kenney's email until you attempted to include yourself as a recipient of our internal communications. Prof. Kenney's email was seen for exactly what it was--one of many, many, many internship/job postings that we receive every day from various departments/professors/schools.

There was no controversy except the one that you and others who are of a similar mind and mission have invented out of thin air.

The real controversy is now over the following points:

Who are YOU and what do you have to do with the Humphrey Institute in any way, shape, or form?

Why is it that you wanted to be included on our internal communications listserv, anyway?

Was it really just for your own personal edification?

To hear "the other side" of the "debate"?

Certainly, none of our emails to each other would have ever ended up on this website of yours as an "EXCLUSIVE SCOOP", would they?
Graham Lampa 01.26.07 - 2:01 am | #

On that one.... No, I would not post emails from the HHH Student personal listserv on this blog without permission of the author of the message.

Eva -

Why were you trying to get on an email list without disclosing to the members or adminstrators of that list who you were. That's not asking for the other side. That's spying.

Also, it sounds like you were using your status as a U staff person to gain this access. Doesn't that make you guilty, more so, of what you are accusing Prof. Kenney of?
episcocat | 01.26.07 - 11:57 am | #

Eva is the epitome of a double standard.
That is why she possesses no legitimacy/credibility in politics in Minnesota. She is a hypocrit, and has to rely on David and Mark for credibility.

After the hullaballoo over that list, I decided to try to get on the list to see for myself what it was about. So I subscribed. The list manager called me the next day and asked me why I was interested. I said the list had been covered in the Strib and the AP and I wanted to read what the controversy was about.

I have heard from students privately who have different opinions on this.

For the record, here's my take. I think Professor Kenney made a mistake. That doesn't mean I think she's a bad person, and it doesn't mean I think she should be disciplined. My guess is she won't make the same mistake again after getting humiliated in the press.

I also found it very interesting that Larry Jacobs hung her out to dry in the press.

In general, this is a larger problem. Any blogger knows their blog statistics are much higher during the day - during work hours. There are lots of people - in both the public and private sector who spend lots of time looking at blogs during work hours.