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Monday, January 15, 2007

Massachusetts Anti-Gay Activists Challenge Mitt Romney's Spin

UPDATE: Romney's campaign now posted the press release again.

Mass Resistance
is upset about this among other things:


The Romney campaign responded with a press release attacking Brian Caemaker. After getting attacked by anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbara, the Romney campaign removed the press release from the Romney campaign website. A google search retrieved it from the Texans for Mitt blog. I'm posting the complete press release below.

LaBarbera was especially incensed that the Romney campaign used this Daily Show Interview with Camenker to go after him.

"Romney's use of a deceptive Daily Show set-up interview to smear a pro-family warrior like Brian says much more about Romney than it does about Camenker," LaBarbera said.

LaBarbera called on Mitt Romney to appologise to Caemaker:

He urged Romney to retract the anti-Camenker web posting and apologize to the pro-family advocate, noting that Camenker has done nothing wrong in "reminding the American public that Romney has flip-flopped from being a very committed pro-abortion and pro-homosexual-activist politician."

Did the Romney campaign respond to LaBarbara or to Pam Spaulding's humorous post on the topic?

I left a message for LaBarbara at the phone number listed on the Americans for Truth website, and asked if having the posting removed from the Romney website was enough to make things good.

Friday, Jan 12, 2007

Today, The Associated Press Profiled Brian Camenker And His Attacks On Governor Romney:

Brian Camenker Is A "Conservative Gadfly" Who Has Focused On Attacking Governing Romney And His Strong Record On Conservative Issues. "Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's political record is relatively brief – four years as Massachusetts governor and a failed campaign for the U.S. Senate. That's enough, however, for Brian Camenker, a conservative gadfly and longtime thorn in Romney's side, to write a 28-page report that portrays Romney as sympathetic to gay rights and sexual behavior that clashes with his burnished image as a defender of traditional values." (Steve LeBlanc, "Romney's Record On Gay Rights, Social Issues In Cross-Hairs," The Associated Press, 1/12/07)

-Brian Camenker Is The President Of MassResistance. (Ryan Lizza, "Urine Trouble," The New Republic, 12/25/06)

Camenker Is Not A Credible Voice And Pushes An Extreme Ideology :

The Boston Globe Noted That Camenker Is "Often Lampooned By The Local And National Media." (Matt Viser, "Interviews No Laughing Matter For Local Notables," The Boston Globe, 11/10/05)

During An Interview On Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," Camenker Was Mocked For His Extreme Ideological Views. (Matt Viser, "Interviews No Laughing Matter For Local Notables," The Boston Globe, 11/10/05)

- Click Here To View The YouTube Of Brian Camenker On Comedy Central's "The Daily Show":

Camenker Admits He Used To Be "A Social Liberal." "For much of my life I thought of myself as a social liberal. I voted for John Anderson for president and Michael Dukakis for governor." (Brian Camenker, "How A Good Jewish Boy Joined The 'Religious Right'," The Jewish Advocate, 12/25/96)

Camenker Has A Record Of Attacking Prominent Republicans:

In 2001, Camenker Attempted To Derail President Bush's Nomination Of Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci To Be Ambassador To Canada. "Brian Camenker, president of the Waltham-based Parents' Rights Coalition, privately met in Washington Thursday with about a dozen Republican staff members on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which would evaluate [Gov. Paul] Cellucci's nomination. Camenker said they were 'shocked' to hear about homosexual teachings in Massachusetts but nervous about how President Bush would receive criticism about Cellucci, who is not only his choice for ambassador but a longtime family friend." (Tina Cassidy, "Cellucci Foe Takes Case To US Senate," The Boston Globe, 3/3/01)

- The Boston Herald Praised The Cellucci Nomination And Called On Camenker To Stop His Attacks. "And surely between now and Cellucci's confirmation hearings someone will tell the increasingly shrill Brian Camenker of the Parents Rights Coalition to simply go to his room. ? But you can't reason with zealots and Camenker is a zealot. Cellucci is a good choice for the post." (Editorial, "Bush Chooses Well For Ottawa Embassy," Boston Herald, 2/14/01)

THE FACTS On Governor Romney's Record On Social Conservative Issues:

FACT: Governor Romney Has Said He Has Been Wrong On Some Issues In The Past And Is Not Embarrassed To Admit It.

- Click Here To View Mitt TV Video Of Governor Romney Talking About His 1994 Debate With Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA)

FACT: Governor Romney Has Been A Champion Of Traditional Marriage And The Sanctity Of Life.

FACT: Governor Romney Is Opposed To Abortion, Except In The Cases Of Rape, Incest, And The Life Of The Mother. Like President Ronald Reagan, Henry Hyde and others before him, he has acknowledged that in the past he had this issue wrong.

FACT: As Governor Of Massachusetts, When Governor Romney Has Been Presented With Legislation On Life Issues, He Has Sided With Life.

- FACT : Governor Romney vetoed legislation that would have provided for the "Morning After Pill" without a prescription; fought the battle to promote abstinence education in the classroom; vetoed legislation that would have redefined in Massachusetts the longstanding definition of the beginning of human life from fertilization to implantation; supported parental notification laws and opposed efforts to weaken parental involvement; opposed efforts to advance embryo destructive research in Massachusetts; and has not supported public funding for embryo destructive research.

FACT: Governor Romney Fought For A Constitutional Amendment To Preserve The Longstanding Traditional Definition Of Marriage.

FACT: Governor Romney Supports The Federal Marriage Amendment, Testified Before The Senate On The Federal Marriage Amendment, And Sent A Letter To All 100 U.S. Senators Asking Them To Vote For The Amendment.