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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Minnesota Congressional website errors

The Drama Queen has had a field day over finding that Representative Tim Walz's website isn't finished. It's interesting that Brodkorb dings Walz for this, but stays silent on Michele Bachmann - who makes the same mistake. A commenter to Walz's site points out that Walz doesn't have contact information for his district offices on the site. That's a more substantive complaint.

Michele Bachmann:  Congresswoman "firstname, lastname". Ellison has the same error on his "newsroom" page. Here's my question. Why isn't the house using reusable code to manage congressional websites? You should not have to change the title tags on each page for a website if it's properly designed.

Dump Bachmann was the first to point out that Bachmann's congressional website
failed to identify her congressional district. Minnesota Monitor posted a screen shot reading Dump Bachmann. Bachmann's staff fixed the error after Dump Bachmann pointed it out.

Dump Bachmann also pointed out numerous errors in her official bio on the website:

The 3 term error was corrected after we pointed it out.

We also questioned Bachmann's claim that the 6th district was a major hub of the financial services sector.

After the Dump Bachmann challenge, it appears Bachmann's staff got busy scrubbing the Bachmann congressional website.

The financial services sector claim was dropped - but after investigating this, it appears that Michele Bachmann is confusing her financial contributors with her constituents.