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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Minnesota Monitor Interviews Mary Kiffmeyer

. The interview made me wonder whether Mary Kiffmeyer had ever held a real job.

I think it's easy for people to forget what it was like before I came to office, because after eight years, [people felt] "Oh, hasn't it always been this way?" No. No it hasn't. I remember all the Ventura people wanting election information, election records, and election stuff, and it didn't exist. There wasn't a website to put it up on. There was none of that stuff.

PS: Recently you said Joan Growe left you "absolutely nothing" when you transitioned into the job. Is this the kind of stuff you're talking about?

MK: Oh no. You see this office as it is right now? There used to be beautiful historical piece of furniture here, that was here in the office for a long time: that was gone. There was this desk. And there were two chairs—those two chairs—they were horribly soiled, and it took me two years, to save up enough money and get them recovered... I would say let's get that thing recovered. And the ends were all down to bare wood. Not being a good steward of that. So those two chairs and this desk... Otherwise there was nothing else.

PS: It sounds like you also didn't get the moral support you wanted. You felt like they were uncooperative when you transitioned?

MK: Joan Growe gave me one hour. She sat at this side of the desk. She had one piece of paper in front of her. I sat over there with somebody else. Although we made numerous requests for organizational charts and that kind of stuff, we weren't given anything. …She had one piece of paper in front of her, and I asked her for it when I left, and she wouldn't give it to me…

Oh cry me a river....