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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Note to House Republicans: Quit Trying to Micromanage

The Drama Queen posts a press release from the house republicans:

ST. PAUL - The police and fire departments of Minneapolis and Saint Paul would get all state aid to the cities under a plan unveiled today by Minnesota House Republicans.

"The first test of any city is public safety, and our state’s largest city - Minneapolis - is failing that test," said Representative Steve Smith (R-Mound), the lead Republican Member of the House Division on Public Safety.

"Minneapolis and Saint Paul need to get their priorities straight. Police and fire are the safeguards of our communities. They must have the resources necessary to keep our cities, streets and families safe."

Under the proposal, all state funds under the Local Government Aid (LGA) program for Minneapolis and Saint Paul would be dedicated by the Minnesota Legislature for strengthening public safety.

"We need more police on the beat, and more boots in the fire stations," Representative Smith said.

Let's just get rid of the sales tax for municipalities - and Minneapolis and St Paul wouldn't need LGA - and legislators should quite trying to micromanage the cities. Let's tell Seifert's district - Marshall isn't it - exactly how they should spend their LGA.

Republicans are going to need to quit alienating people who live in the urban core if they want to start winning again. This isn't the way to do so.