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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Press Begins to Pick Up on Franken's Joke about the Murder of a Gay Man

Jewish Daily Forward:

While some Democrats worry about Franken’s comedic past, Republican operatives are already busily working to dredge up any past missteps. In recent weeks, the blog has posted tasteless comments Franken made about homosexuals in the course of an interview with the Harvard Crimson in 1976. During the 2006 campaign, the website extensively detailed past ties between Democratic House candidate Keith Ellison and the Nation of Islam, and the issue utlimately spilled out into state and national news media. (Ellison later won the election.)

This makes Hotline.

Michael Brodkorb is the most effective Minnesota blogger I know about getting his blog posts republished in the mainstream media. He's been doing Norm Coleman big time favors.