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Friday, January 12, 2007

Rep. Mark Olson; Loose Cannon

I'll bet Rep. Steve Sviggum is kicking himself for writing this endorsement of Mark Olson last November:

From The Sherburne County Citizen:

Sunday, November 05, 2006

To The Editor,

I often refer to your state representative, Mark Olson, as the "conscience of the Legislature." Mark is one of the most principled and thoughtful persons I know - certainly one of the most principled legislators I've ever had the opportunity to work with.

Mark makes a positive difference for governing at the State Capitol. He is a person who gets results and that you can work with, but you better have your facts and information correct and supported. For instance, Mark led the repeal of the Profile of Learning before it was the popular thing to do. In the middle 1990's he stood almost alone gathering support every year until in 2003 the repeal passed the Legislature almost unanimously.

Yes, the State Legislature needs a whole lot more people like Mark Olson. At times his standards and expectations are difficult to meet, but Mark's makes me, the Legislature, and the State of Minnesota so much better.

Steve Sviggum

Speaker of the House

St. Paul, MN

Now that Olson has slipped his MNGOP moorings, he's rolling around the deck of the legislature like a loose cannon.

Lawrence Schumacher:

The point is that Republicans wanted to put Democrats on record opposing a rebate, which is former Speaker Steve Sviggum's, R-Kenyon, main goal this year.

Added fun: Republican-non-grata Rep. Mark Olson of Big Lake is arguing with Sviggum on the floor, agreeing with the Democrats that the Republican amendment is not germane.

Watch Sviggum's reaction to Olson on this video taken from the House website: