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Monday, January 15, 2007

Romney's Campaign Responds to LaBarbera

On the blog:

I have no doubt that Brian Camenker believes in his cause, but is attacking Romney's past going to help him in the present. Romney's record has proven that he is solidly conservative, so I won't get into that. What I will bring into question is Camenker's credibility. (Check out the link to the YouTube video)

If you see the video of his interview on The Daily Show you'll understand what I mean. Camenker openly stated that he could link gay marriage to being a cause (not the cause) to every problem we have in society. The interviewer specifically mentioned prime rates, homelessness, and air quality. He said that if he thought long enough he could "connect the dots" with all these issues, and that gay marriage was a cause. THAT IS INSANELY STUPID!! All that tells me is that he can conjure facts to prove make-up anything. This only re-affirms what I suspected from earlier when I first read the "Mitt Romney Deception". While reading it I began to notice very quickly that nearly all his sources come from The Boston Globe and other extremely liberal newspapers. What I had read in the Globe that very week was enough to tell me what kind of liberal trash it produces - which tells me a lot about Camenker's claims as well.

Now "Americans for Truth" wants Romney to apologize. I say - for what? For not idly standing by and letting some wacko slander his image? And they accuse Romney of using liberal media stories? Hypocrisy. (Sorry, I guess I will bad-mouth them a little.)

If Camenker wants to promote pro-family causes why doesn't he work with Romney instead of antagonizing him? That would certainly help him in not making an idiot out of himself.

~~~Nate Gunderson

Back to you, Peter LaBarbera.