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Monday, January 29, 2007

Senate Democrats Block Vote on Gay Rights Legislation

Gay Patriot has the story.

What universe did we just get transported to? The one where a Republican Senator offers common sense, pro-gay legislation and where the Democrats stand in the way? The same universe that has seen gay people offer time and treasure to the Democrat Party for decades yet has gotten nothing in return except a Democrat President who signed off on two of the most anti-gay policies in our lifetime? Oh yeah…. we’ve been living in that universe already… silly me.

Bravo to new Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon for taking on the Democrats and standing with Senator Smith. Unfortunately (yet not surprisingly), the two self-important big national gay rights groups are silent on the issue.

The Hypocrite Rights Campaign is too busy wading into the “Grey’s Anatomy” scandal as well as advertising their XM Radio program. Interestingly, the HRC was all too vocal about the legislation last year when Smith and US Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) introduced it to a Republican-controlled Senate. Now that the Democrats have the power, will HRC be satisfied? Probably.

I encourage people to contact both Amy Klobuchar and Mark Dayton about this one.