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Thursday, January 11, 2007

So Called "Defender of Marriage" Playboy to Head Democratic Leadership Council

Pam Spaulding:

The fundie-courting centrist Democratic Leadership Council, according to, is going to tap former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford head up the think tank, replacing Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack (Vilsack has announced his 2008 prez candidacy).

Boy, that's no surprise. Vilsack has no name recognition, and Ford is right up the DLC alley, a real wet dream for CEO Al From. Ford, in his close loss to Bob Corker, had no problem kneeling before the right wing, carrying business cards with the Ten Commandments on back, and bleating his head off about the evils of the NJ marriage equality ruling.

"I do not support the decision today reached by the New Jersey Supreme Court regarding gay marriage. I oppose gay marriage, and have voted twice in Congress to amend the United States Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage. This November there's a referendum on the Tennessee ballot to ban same-sex marriage - I am voting for it."

And here's more "centrist" blather, that must have won over From's heart.

"People who are giving me this money know that I'm for the Second Amendment, they know I'm against same-sex marriage, they know I'm for the display of the Ten Commandments in public places, they realize I'm not for abortion on demand, and they also understand that I don't want to see the flag desecrated.

From Pam's comments:

These people make me want to puke
It amazes me that no one has considered that possibly one reason Ford's ass was kicked in this election was because he so thoroughly alienated any GLBT voter in Tennessee, effectively leaving them little/no choice for Senate from that state.

And Democrats should make no mistake about a growing anger among members of our community who are used for our money and our votes but receive little more than weak defensive moves in the legislatures - we don't vote for cowards. I wrote my own name in for Congress in my district, and one of the leading reasons was the failure of my Democratic congressperson to sing onto the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." In a rather naive move by his staff, the congresscritter constantly reassured us that, if the legislation left committee, he would certainly take an active interest. Of course, he also knew that under Republican control, that legislation wasn't gonna leave committee.

The protest from our community should be loud and angry toward the DLC. The kinds of things Ford said publicly about our citizenship rights strike to the very heart of how every American should consider voting. And no gay American should EVER vote for ANY candidate who believes we are somehow second-class citizens yet should be so grateful that a homophobic heterosupremacist doesn't want us executed - just put in our place.

Yep, yep, and yep. All I heard after Ford's defeat was about his family's scandal. They never thought to think that maybe, just maybe, a few thousand queers that live in TN decided they wouldn't settle for his hateful crap. Just about every gay person I talked to were voting independent.

We may not have the power of numbers (i.e. being the heterosupremist majority), but we can fuck up your election chances.