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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stonewall Not Happy About Anti-gay Harold Ford Heading DLC

Gay Democrats voiced "deep concern" Friday over the naming of former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. as Chair of the Democratic Leadership Council.

The DLC is not an official party organization, but a non-profit organization that represents a coalition of centrist Democrats in Congress and at the state and local level. Openly-gay Democrats have previously joined the leadership of the DLC as members of State Legislative Advisory Board and Local Elected Officials Network.

During the 1990s the Council was led nationally by then-Governor Bill Clinton and includes Vice President Al Gore as a founding member.

Former Iowa Governor, and presidential candidate, Tom Vilsack announced Thursday that he is stepping down of Chair of the DLC while indicating his replacement by Congressman Ford, who possesses a poor record on issues that impact LGBT families.

"Congressman Harold Ford has demonstrated a lack of leadership and judgment on family issues that causes our members great concern," said Joanne Wyrick, National Stonewall Democrats Executive Director.

"His willingness to lightly amend the U.S. Constitution and to exploit gay families for political gain should alarm Democrats across the country. The Democratic Leadership Council is in need of leadership that supports and affirms all American families."

In 2004 Ford reversed his past opposition to an amendment to the United States Constitution that would permanently bar civil unions and civil marriage to same-sex couples.

In 2006 he again joined a small minority of Democrats who voted for the amendment.

He's in no position to talk about the sanctity of marriage.