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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bill Donahue: Redux

From the comments in response to my post about Bill Donahue the Rape Apologist.

Kathy said...

Mr. Donohue needs to remember the scripture about taking the log out of his own eye before he worries about the speck in his neighbor's. It's almost comical to listen to him accuse someone else of bigotry.

Birmingham Blues

6:39 AM
Michigan-Matt said...

This is such a silly non-story. I think you do your blog readers a great disservice with a Catholic bashing post like this... maybe you should reflect a little longer than your anger lasts when making your next post.

Silly non-story. With all respect, you can do a whole lot better.


10:34 AM

It's not Catholic bashing to be critical of Bill Donahue. Donahue claims to represent Catholics, but mainstream catholics tend to be offended by him.