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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hammondgate Redux

Comments on Hammondgate:

rs said...

Why do people blindly believe everything they read? I am one of those parishiners [sic] who showed up to the church service. Yes, I did have questions, but having seen Pastor Hammond's integrity over the years, assumed the best of him, and not the worst. I was glad I did. He addressed every issue and really brought to light many areas that were misunderstood or just plain false. How would you like it if accusations were thrown your way very publically, and everyone just believed them, hook, line and sinker? You owe it to yourself to find out the truth. Things aren't always as they seem...

9:22 PM
lloydletta said...

He did not tell you his salary. He didn't address the total compensation of all his family members who are on the payroll.

9:25 AM
noanalyst said...

I just listened to his service and his rebuttal. I pity the lost souls who continue to tithe and pour their hard earned money into a church in which the minister can be so unashamedly blatant on his penchant for nice clothes, nice cars, nice homes and even airplanes. If this is not deception, I do not know what deception is. Thank you Mac Hammond for broadcasting this service. It is a perfect teaching tool for my children. For those who still attend the church, open your bible and learn about Jesus Christ. He stood for none of these things.

The Strib never could resist a chance a taking a shot at Christians. This isn't surprizing. 02.10.07 - 6:09 pm | #

Dareto - what do you think of Pastor's who raid the collection plate to enrich themselves?
Eva Young 02.10.07 - 6:37 pm | #

A shot at Christians?

It's a shot at a guy who may have used the donations of his flock to buy a fleet of toys.

I hope to God the IRS beats the flock out of Mac.
Doug 02.10.07 - 10:27 pm | #

Well said Doug.

They beat the flock out of Ted Haggard. He crashed and burned his leadership role in a 45,000 member church association, 31 MILLION evangelicals. They fired him in less than 24 hours and then they "cured" him in only 3 weeks (and Ted had multiple issues) and told him to go look for Secular work!

Justice in a homophobic kind of way... but I'll take it. Do I hear an amen?
Oh, and let's not forget Michele Bachmann and Ted Haggard are both Oral Roberts University alums.
BornAgainLurker 02.10.07 - 11:04 pm | #

it is 2 !! citation jets worth over $6 million each when new. one was recently sold to buy a $30 million Falcon 900 for mac hammond's use. (living word purchase of course) The 30 million plane, (the Falcon) was ordered once but it was too big for his current million dollar hangar the church bought him. He had to cancel that order, so he went out and fournd a bigger hangar worth over 2 million that is large enough to house an airliner, (bit excessive?) but that deal was not popular at the airport at all due to the fact the county stood to loose all the annual tax revenue the facility is worth. (remember we're talking no taxes, church of course!) The dicussion over this tiny stunt plane (Extra 300 model) is peanuts and insignificant compared to what he has in store for purchases. you could own 50 of those for one of the jets! and he has a hangar large enough to store them. The hangar is one of the largest on the airport and usually the extra space is rented or leased out to help offset monthly cost. Especially when it is as elaborate as the one he owns. Heated floor, large office suites, huge shop area, on and on. but in Hammonds case he will not permit any other entity(s) near this facility and he had no plans to sell the large hangar for the even larger one once he bought it
patsy 02.10.07 - 11:15 pm | #

I believe it was the money changers that Jesus threw out of the temple was it not?

Not the priests, not the scribes, not even the Romans who would soon kill was THE MONEY CHANGERS!
Alice3 02.11.07 - 12:04 am | #

Thank you Sisters Patsy and Alice3!


Get Saved Sinners!

Bachmann and Pastor Mac are WINNERS!
BornAgainLurker 02.11.07 - 12:47 am | #

"a shot at Christians"???

mac is closer to being the anti-christ than anything else. it's these corrupt "evangelicals" that are ruining true Christianity for the rest of the faithful.
Anonymous 02.11.07 - 8:08 am | #

You know the really sick and twisted part of this story is that when Hammonds congragation hears all of the details of the jets and the toys that Hammond collects, the majority are not going to get pissed. They're going to want to follow in the ways of Hammond, not Jesus. These people really believe that what you give will come back to you ten fold. The more you give, the more you'll receive and if you don't receive it in cashg right away, you'll receive it in heaven. This is exactly what the money changers were doing in the temple - selling salvation and a place in heaven.

Jesus said that to follow him, you had to give away all of your wealth - to the poor. Mac teaches that to follow Jesus, you have to give to the church which apparently means you give it to Mac so Mac can buy Jets. This isn't anything new to Christianity though. This goes back to the first charlitan of the Christiam movement, Paul.

If Jesus were alive today, he'd kick Hammonds ass.
Doug 02.11.07 - 10:07 am | #

"Christianity hasn't failed, it has just never been tried". GK Chesterton

The question is whether the flock will allow themselves to be fleeced, or will insist on more oversight. Developing. . .


Markh said...

I refuse to believe that any of this 'pastor' Mac story has anything to do with Christianity. He has a perverse, twisted reading of the Bible that celebrates greed and personal gain. It turns my stomach.

And let's remember - there is no seminary degree on his resume. Nor did any denomination ever ordain him.

It's like Harold Hill selling band instruments in River City.