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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Deadbeat Rep. Brad Finstad's Hubrous

This is hubrous. Brad Finstad issues a press release condemning silly bills in the legisature. Finstad is the last person to talk. Finstad introduced one of the silliest bills last session - the Stadium boondoggle bill - that has now unravelled seriously in Hennepin County.

Brad Finstad is a a hypocrite and a deadbeat - he wants to charge the Hennepin County credit card for something he wants - the Twins stadium.

There's some comments on Finstad over at the Drama Queen's site.

One commenter, "Dump Eva" didn't like my point:

There has been intense, extensive and bi-partisan debate on stadium bills for years Eva. Good hearted legislators from both sides of the isle have come to a variety of different conclusions on different stadium proposals for years.

I happen to agree that this particular deal should have required a vote of the residents, but the level of debate alone is a strong indication that you can hardly call that bill "silly." It was a serious proposal that we can and do come to different conclusions on.

Mike Grimes brought things back to topic:

Finstad likes to raise taxes, and he's a Republican, he's the worst of the worst and he has the gall to talk about dumb legislation? He's the author of the dumbest legislation in a long time. It's bad enough he mandated the Twins stadium be put on land that doesn't have room for a baseball stadium, or say maybe a river in the background that would justify such a patheticly inadaquat site, but he didn't even make sure the land was aquired beforehand. Thats like crafting legislation requiring the Twins to keep Joe Mauer for the next 10 years and then assuming he would simply sign for market value.