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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fringe Anti-Gay "Pastor" Send Nastygrams to Gay Bloggers

"Pastor" Billy Ball regularly protests Gay Pride events and bookstores in the Atlanta area. He and his cult following were arrested for this. He's got an account of the arrest here. Now he's sending nastygrams to gay bloggers. The latest is to Pam Spaulding. You have to go to the links to view the nastygrams. I highly recommend viewing them for entertainment value.

You can listen to a podcast interview with "Pastor" Billy Ball here. After Elton reported on Ball's antics at the gay bookstore, and quoted from the interview:

Rusty Tanton, a Mostly ITP show host with the Georgia Podcast Network, interviewed Ball during the Atlanta Pride festival.

"We're out here preaching the gospel and warning the sodomites that are part of this gathering that if they don't repent they are going to hell," Ball told Tanton. "We have an objection to [homosexuality] because God has an exception to it. It's an abomination in the sight of God. It's the most accepted tolerated sin in America right now, I think, besides abortion, and the church is way too quiet about it.

"We came out here because we love these people enough to warn them and rebuke them," Ball added. "The word of God clearly spells out that sodomy, man with man, woman with woman, is an abomination before God."

Yada, yada, yada.... It looks like his church is another one of those storefront "unaffiliated" deals. Like Mac Hammond, he probably has no divinity degree.

I have written "Pastor" Ball to request an interview.

Developing. . .