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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hennepin County Twins Tax Could Buy 1 Cop Every 24 Hours

From the Star Tribune

Ballpark money is rolling in

State revenue forecasts show the 0.15 percent countywide sales tax in Hennepin County, which began Jan. 1, will produce increasing amounts to help pay for a new Minnesota Twins stadium.

A sampling of estimates for the first five years:

2007: $27.85 million, or $76,300 per day

2008: $28.63 million

2009: $29.66 million

2010: $30.8 million

2011: $31.49 million

Source: Minnesota Department of Revenue

$76,300 per day....

That would pay the annual salary for one police officer, wouldn't it?

It would probably pay for 1.5 public school teachers.

Collect that tax for 3 days, and you'd be ready to buy somebody a home somewhere.

But no, let's give it all to the Pohlad family so that grown men playing a child's game can earn more money.


lloydletta said...

It's such a swindle. It looks more and more like the deal is going south.