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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Janet Boynes Has Testimonials from Mac Hammond and Other Living Word People

Michele Bachmann's African American, Ex-Lesbian Sidekick, Janet Boynes now has her own "ministry". She has a website to promote it, and her testimonials page says:

Janet is a composed and articulate speaker who ministers with understanding and compassion. Through her own personal experiences, she is able to show others how, through God's Word, they too can be set free. The effectiveness of her ministry stems from her knowledge of what draws a person into a homosexual lifestyle and what can be done to help them break free...I support the work of Janet's ministry and encourage others to have her come and share her testimony.

-Mac Hammond Senior Pastor Living Word Christian Center

Janet's life is a powerful testimony of the changes that Christ can bring through His healing power from the bondage of sin. To see Janet is to see the face of joy, freedom, and peace. I wish everyone could meet this dynamic, young, Christ-filled woman who has dedicated her life to spreading the joy that she has found in a deep relationship of forgiveness from the Father. I hope everyone listens closely to
Janet's compelling testimony.

-Minnesota State Senator Michele Bachmann

Janet has a life changing testimony that brings hope to every one that listens to her story. God has literally transformed her life from the inside out. Those who hear Janet's story are changed as they learn about her once broken life and the loving God who fixed it. As youth pastors, we have witnessed first hand how powerful Janet's life story can be. She has spoken several times to our youth group as well and we have also recommended her to others. At a time when the teens in our culture are being lied to on a continual basis, Janet is able to share truth. Her message is vital as many youth are struggling with their sexuality in a pro-homosexual society. She has personally lived John 8:32 "And you shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free".
-Pastors Jeff & Sunday Burquest
Senior High Youth Pastors Living Word Christian Center


Markh said...

A pro-homosexual society?


Those youth pastors must be thinking of Ted Haggard. I'd hardly call the overall culture 'pro-homosexual'.