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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mac Hammond's Message

He tried to justify everything that was alleged. He alluded, but didn't call the stunt plane for what it was. He also didn't let people know what his salary was.

He also addressed this - and contradicted the church spokesman:

The complaint just filed with the IRS alleges that the church made eight loans worth $1.9 million at favorable rates to Hammond. It also contends that he bought a plane from the church, partly on credit, and then leased it to the church for twice the amount he paid the church to buy it.

The church's associate pastor, Marc Redman, said the accusations are false. "Living Word and those outside professionals involved in the conduct of our financial affairs remain confident any fair review of our dealings will reveal the validity of our effort to consistently be an accountable and honest ministry before God, our congregation and our community," Redman said.

During his sermon today, Hammond acknowledged this allegation was true. He defended it, saying if the church owned the plane, they couldn't write off depreciation, but he could on his personal income tax.

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