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Thursday, March 01, 2007

MN GOP's Staffing Challenges

Earlier this week Mark H reported that the Republican Party of Minnesota was looking for a controller with vendor relations and cash flow experience. Andy Aplikowski aka Triple A has followed up on the story and posted a scan of the print version of the ad.

My initial reaction was that it seemed incredibly silly to post the job with out stating who the job was for, especially since this person will see all the little secrets, and they had better want to work for a political organization they agree with. I mean why waste everyones time? Add to that how one version had who it was for and one didn’t, and you start to wonder if the keystone cops are running human resources or something. Another impulse was that it seemed like Carey was afraid to advertise the MNGOP was hiring for this position in print because he had many favorable words at the December State Central meeting for the departing Controller.

It was really kind of speculative, so I checked with another source, and low and behold both the online and print versions were supposed to be anonymous, and Carey may have just been burned by the Strib's error. Are you kidding me? The Strib burn the Republicans? There is a sucker born everyday.

Now in the Republican party, one would think we’d be able to drum up a good accountant, auditor, or someone that is good with numbers with a simple phone call or two from with in our own ranks. Did we really have to trust the Strib to keep our secret? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Just a little more senseless bleeding from the public relations end of the Ron Carey administration of the Republican party.

At least the departing Controller wasn't among those "fired", so we can't blame Carey for the position needing replacement in the first place. But I think we may need to ask about the Human resource/PR skills, not to mention why in the heck he trusted the Strib.

Anyways, I don't know who got burned more and for what. Me for trusting the first source, Ron Carey for trusting the Strib, or Ron Carey for having Eva Young catch the lapse in judgement.

It was Mark H, not Eva Young who caught this one. Kudos to Mark.