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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Norm Coleman to Hugh Hewitt: As for What You Think, It's Been Noted and Logged

Remember this? Norm Coleman was trying to tell Hugh Hewitt's audience what they wanted to hear. Now he voted with the Democrats for closure on the Warner resolution.

HH: Joined now from Washington, D.C. by an old friend and a great American, Norm Coleman, Senator from Minnesota, a man I hope to have on often and early throughout the election cycle. But Senator Coleman, you’ve got to update me. What’s going on with these resolutions?

NC: Well, we had a resolution today, the Hagel-Biden resolution. It was before the Foreign Relations Committee. It passed with the vote of all the Democrats on the committee and only one Republican, Chuck Hagel. The rest of us voted against Hagel-Biden. I tried to amend it, I tried to add an amendment. And by the way, Hugh, you know that I have expressed concern about the part of the President’s plan, just a part of the President’s plan that talks about a surge in Baghdad. I think the Iraqis, they've got to produce, they've got to put up, they've got to show a resolve to take on al-Sadr, just as much as they take on the insurgents. I've had a concern about that. On the other hand, I've also talked to the Marines in Anbar who are doing what Marines do very well. They're killing the enemy. They’re killing the foreign fighters. They're seizing ground. But to hold it, they need Iraqis, and they need Sunnis in the army there, and Sunnis in the police force. But the commanders in Anbar say that we need more forces and we need more troops. And so I had a resolution that said the Iraqis need to deal with the sectarian violence, but the bottom line of it was that the commanders on the ground in places like Anbar, that are fighting the war against insurgents and foreign fighters, if they need increases, if they need more troops, then we should support them. That was substantially voted down. Bottom line is I voted against the resolution that I think is…I'm going to be very blunt…is a pull-out resolution. This isn't an abandon Iraq resolution. The words don't exactly say that, but I listened to John Murtha testify, and I listened to the reaction of my colleagues across the aisle, that's their position. They talk about redeployment, and redeployment really means get out, regardless of the consequences. I have concerns about a portion of the President's plan, I have articulated those concerns, but I'm not ready to give up on victory or success in Iraq, Hugh.

When Michele Bachmann spoke at the Republican Leadership Conference outside of her district, she stated: "When Republicans stop acting like Republicans, Democrats win." Was this a shot at Senator Norm Coleman?

She got received like a Rock Star. Conspictuous by his absence? Senator Norm Coleman.


Missusst said...

Conspictuous is misspelled.